The youth style of Bai Yang in the new era

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The annual Spring Festival is coming, spring walking grass-roots reporters visited the Samba village of Wangdan Township, Bailang County, to understand the extraordinary story of baiyang dream pursuer in the new era.The hero Bai Yang greeted the arrival of reporters in the Samba village, after a brief introduction, the young promising hero was immediately surrounded by reporters friends.Frank love laugh, this is the protagonist Bai Yang left reporters first impression.Although she is a young girl born in the 1990s, she is very famous in the village for her outstanding ability.Among her many deeds, the story of “three generations of Party Members carrying forward and inheriting traditional Tibetan weaving skills and leading all the poor households in the village to win the battle against poverty and strive for a well-off life” has been widely spread throughout the region and reported by mainstream media at all levels.As the hero of the story, Bai Yang did not become proud and complacent, but with stricter standards, higher requirements, more solid measures, continuous struggle, hard work, for the construction of unity, prosperity, civilization, harmony and beauty of the socialist modernization of the new Lang contribution women power.The picture shows bai Yang to reporters woven card pad.Bai Yang is a girl with good economic sense. When she has a good idea in her mind, she will do everything possible to do it.At the end of 2015, under her leadership, the village established a male animal products processing farmer’s professional cooperative.Before the cooperative was founded, many villagers did not believe in the ability of the post-90s girl, but Bai Yang won the trust of the people through her own efforts.Now, under the leadership of Bai Yang, the people have swelled their wallets, strengthened their confidence in getting rich and stimulated internal motivation.”A rich family is not rich, everyone is really rich, I want to drive the villagers to get rich together, I can not ignore the villagers ah…”Bai Yang said so and did so.It is reported that a total of 65 villagers in the village work in front of the house, 32 people were once registered as poor households, the per capita annual income has increased from 15,000 yuan seven years ago to 40,000 yuan now, many people have built new houses, buy cars, life is booming.The picture shows Bai Yang reading a book.In daily life, she always keeps her entrust in mind, insists on carrying the responsibility on her shoulders, keeps the masses in mind, plays a leading role in the rural revitalization, plays a leading role in her own work, and makes efforts to solve practical problems and do good deeds for the masses.Take the initiative to join the village’s “four talks and four love” propaganda team, often go into the fields, into the people’s homes, propaganda and propaganda of the Party’s policies to benefit the people and the Party’s kindness, education and guide the masses to feel the Party’s kindness, listen to the Party, follow the Party, learn new ideas, abandon old habits.Bai Yang also often organize the selection “weaving masters”, “technology innovation leader”, “beautiful surroundings, clean home” and “filial piety old love kiss, aged respected”, “people come together to learn mandarin” and other activities, through typical guide, model driven, CunFeng folkway improved further, the samba village security now, their neighbors, and a new rural sight.The villagers all agreed that Bai Yang had done a lot for the village and was grateful to her and willing to follow her.In 2021, bai Yang, a post-90s girl, got a new job.On February 10, 2021, the “two committees” of Samba Village was successfully replaced. Bai Yang, only 24 years old, was unanimously elected as the village Party branch secretary and the youngest village Party branch secretary in the county.This serves as the party branch secretary, to the young Bai Yang is a huge challenge and test, is also a new starting point.From the moment of the election, Bai Yang will feel unprecedented pressure and panic, pressure is afraid of their new job is not good, can not lead the masses of samba village to a better tomorrow;Panic is the fear of one’s lack of education and ability.Workers are weaving wondanka MATS.Since taking office, Bai Yang is good at everything in the village data arrangement, writing and reception. She works seriously and actively at ordinary times, and is full of enthusiasm for the masses. She has been praised by the cadres of the two village committees and the party members in the village.Bai Yang is not only a young female cadre, but also a modern female representative who can work hard, bear hardships and take responsibility. Now she is the party branch secretary can be said to be worthy.Source: Xizang Daily client