COVID-19 situation in Guangdong Province on April 5, 2022

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Three new local confirmed cases were reported in Guangdong province, including two in Guangzhou and one in Maoming.A new asymptomatic case was reported in Dongguan.Guangdong reported 6 new imported cases (one of which was confirmed as asymptomatic), while Guangzhou reported 4 new cases, two from Canada and the other two from the REPUBLIC of Korea and Bangladesh.Shenzhen reported 2 cases, both from Hong Kong, China.Eleven asymptomatic cases were reported in Guangzhou, three in the United Arab Emirates, three in the Solomon Islands, and the remaining five in the United States, Japan, Canada, the Republic of Korea and South Africa.Foshan reported 3 cases, 2 from Singapore and 1 from South Korea.Twenty-four cases were reported in Shenzhen, two in Zhuhai, one in Zhongshan and one in Jiangmen, all from Hong Kong, China.A total of 64 patients were discharged from hospitals, and 247 are currently in hospitals.As of 24:00 On April 4, Guangdong had reported a total of 13,019 COVID-19 positive cases (8,244 imported from abroad), including 6,630 confirmed cases (3,767 imported from abroad) and 6,389 asymptomatic cases (4,477 imported from abroad).Edit | Ren Junfei coordinating editor | | xiu-li zhang source health committee of guangdong province guangdong health online all media team