He owns a whole wall of ice blocks?!Xiaobian is not calm

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For lovely appearance and good morals Beijing winter Olympic mascots ice mound mound Was deeply loved by everyone Today ice mound mound is “a pier is hard to find,” but he realized the “ice mound mound freedom” collection of more than 5000 pieces of Olympic souvenirs He has a whole wall of ice mound mound Beijing guy wen-quan zhang, 35, he is a construction company in life ordinary staffKnown on the Internet as the “Little Prince of the Olympics,” Zhang wenquan has more than 5,000 Olympics-related memorabilia in his home,Zhang wenquan’s Love affair with The Olympics began during the 2008 Beijing Olympics,He worked as a result printing and distribution assistant at Wukesong Baseball Field. His supervisor at that time was a Dutch grandfather. When He saw Zhang Wenquan running out of breath, he set aside a seat beside the information desk.Let him rest The detail wen-quan zhang especially touched by “on the Olympic athletes And off the Olympic organizing committee staff all let me feel the wonderful Olympic spirit “in order to make the emotion has a bailment Wen-quan zhang started collecting Olympic memorabilia seriously Fashioned a belongs to own “folk museum of the Olympic Games”During the Beijing Olympics as a city volunteers hope that the future can do real Olympic museum at the end of 2019 The mascot of the Beijing Olympics officially unveiled Wen-quan zhang, of course not miss this opportunity collection Over the past two years, wen-quan zhang through various channels for the different versions of ice mound mound and snow melting His favorite is an astronaut version “is a sense of the future,In line with the ‘Together for the Future’ theme of the Beijing Winter Olympics,Ice mound mound suddenly “web celebrity wen-quan zhang feel especially proud to see so many people like me Like the Olympic mascots Illustrate the influence of the Olympic Games is becoming more and more big “during the Olympics Wen-quan zhang became a city volunteers Every day in the circle of friends to release information related to the Olympics Also including limited edition ice mound mound, part of the collectionZhang Wenquan expects to open a real Olympic Museum in the future to promote China’s Olympic culture.See the realization of “ice dun dun freedom” zhang Wenquan many netizens in addition to real envy for his spirit praise “love into love, good!”Source: Jiangsu Radio & Television Bureau rong Media News Section