Did master Death finally lift the curse?What did Master Death say to the black maid?

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In the final finale, the curse of master Death has not been lifted.In the plot of the cartoon, the young master has been looking for a way to remove the magic, and he finally found hope, but was told that the witch who cast the magic on him has died, so no one can remove the magic.What did Master Death say to the black maid?In the cartoon, the master of Death was enchanted by the witch when he was young, so he could not touch any living creature. Once he touched the creature, his vitality would be taken away. Therefore, the master of death lived a lonely life until a maid who did not know how high and mighty he was came into his life.The little maid does not mind being taken away from her, and approaches her master in various ways every day, making the audience nervous every time.The young master, who had no friends since childhood and often blushed under the teasing of the little maid, suddenly found such a life very interesting.What’s the end of the anime?In the finale of the cartoon, the young master and the young maid admit their feelings for each other and get together smoothly.But because the master’s curse still did not touch, they still could not touch each other, not even the simplest embrace.Finally the master decided to take Alice to see her mother, want her to admit the relationship between the two people, and still hope to find a way to lift the curse.