“Circle pink” young people’s cosmetics sample true and false geometry

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Counter agents present limited market is in circulation a large number of small sample “circle powder” young people’s cosmetics sample true or false geometry “1.8g ×× brand lipstick sample as long as 13.8 yuan, formal 3G but need 185 yuan, certainly buy sample more cost-effective.Wu Tong (pseudonym), a graduate student from a University in Beijing, is browsing online shopping platforms while choosing products.After several comparisons, she ended up buying samples from several well-known brands, including fairy water, foundation and lipstick.Cosmetic sample is often said to be “trial outfit”, which is a product given to consumers by brand merchants for new product promotion and promotion. It is generally not specially sold.But in real life, cosmetic samples have not only become an “online celebrity” in the beauty industry, but also gradually form a new retail format, which is favored by young people.At the same time, there are many fake samples, disputes and difficult rights protection problems are also criticized.According to the “2019 Online Beauty And Care Insights” released by CBN Business Data Center, online mini makeup consumption trend increased year by year from 2017 to 2019, and the sales volume of beauty and makeup mini products such as lipstick, lipstick and eye shadow surpassed that of the whole makeup.Where do so many samples come from, is it reasonable to sell, and how many of them are genuine?How should occurrence problem consumer protect rights?With these questions in mind, Legal Journal reporters took a closer look.According to Wu Tong, she only began to pay attention to and buy cosmetics samples in the last year, since then, “cheap and easy to use, you can buy big brands at a lower price;For the same price, you can buy lipstick in several colors and perfume in several flavors.Over the past year, the boom in new consumption has directly accelerated the emergence of the small sample economy.On an online platform that records life, the reporter found more than 400,000 notes marked “small sample” as a key word.On the network platform, many companies or individual accounts provide sample free application service, quickly add fans.In the live broadcast room of the 2021 Singles’ Day, major anchors impassioned consumers, telling them to “buy one set and give another set, and give more than formal clothes”.For example, a head anchor to promote a large brand of milk, buy 250mL genuine, free 280mL sample, and 200 yuan of coupons.This undoubtedly stimulated the nerves of many consumers, and more than 270,000 copies were sold in a short time.The reporter interviewed learned that before the demo did not walk into the broadcast room, its most active place is the second-hand market and purchasing group.On the next day of Singles’ Day in 2021, the number of beauty samples released on a well-known second-hand trading platform increased dramatically, with many people waiting for “leakage” early on the platform.In the pre-sale goods have not yet delivered, the second-hand platform on the emergence of a lot of resale, single double 11 pre-sale goods information.Most of them involve demos.For example, some sellers will sell the original price of 1360 yuan of three sets and the sample as a gift to mark different prices (the total price is more than 1360 yuan) with each genuine product + sample.This kind of operation makes many girls become “inverted”, on the one hand, they can share the cost, on the other hand, they can also earn the price difference. The small sample economy relies on the second-hand platform, which is popular among young people.The reporter opened the e-commerce platform for comparison, taking the essence of a certain brand white bottle as an example, 14mL only 19.8 yuan, and the formal 50mL need 359 yuan;A brand of small brown bottle essence 15mL sample only 39.8 yuan, and the formal 30mL need 660 yuan.The price is so cheap big brand sample, some or the small sample of the hand, can you ensure that it is genuine?”If the brand didn’t produce a demo, it must be a fake, and that’s the only direct evidence.”Bel, a veteran makeup blogger, said in an interview that, in fact, the price per milliliter of genuine sample is not cheaper than that of the formal outfit. If the price gap between the sample and the formal outfit is very large, and the store has a lot of inventory and sales, it can basically be concluded as fake.”For example, xx brand foundation, officially only comes in tablets and 5mL samples, but there are some online stores that sell 10mL samples.These are definitely fakes, but the sales volume is not low.”Bel says, for example.Subsequently, the reporter finds a shop that sells liquid of this brand foundation 10mL in online platform, price of each bottle is 13.3 yuan only.When the reporter put forward to the business official did not launch 10mL sample, the business only replied: “genuine, support counter inspection.””It’s all part of the business,” Bel said of the claim.Small sample is difficult to inspect goods, not to mention the cabinet elder brother cabinet elder sister does not have relevant professional technology, even if there are people will not deal with you.If some consumers are serious, businesses will also take this sample in China has not launched, only in Japan, Europe and the United States and other regions, so the domestic official website does not have the same sample to put off consumers.”He Li (pseudonym), a senior beauty blogger, has also published a paper to expose the problem of fake cosmetics samples, he told reporters: “there are many fake samples, the more expensive, the more fake, fake brand samples are very ‘delicate’, for ordinary consumers, it is difficult to distinguish the real and fake.”Tian Xinyu (pseudonym), a graduate student at a university in Dalian, Liaoning Province, also often buys samples. She said some samples have marks such as QR codes and bar codes to check their authenticity.At the same time, she thinks the samples sold by shops with more favorable comments should be genuine.In He li’s opinion, even if the TWO-DIMENSIONAL code on the skin care bottle can be found, it can only prove that the bottle is genuine, but the products inside may not be genuine, because some people will recycle the empty bottles of famous skin care products for profit.”Samples as not for sale, the common access channels is the counter gift or agents and duty-free shop gift, and these channels can flow out of the sample number is very limited, the market circulation of such a large number of samples is not in line with common sense.”Said he li has moved.Sample source channels diverse authentic although there is a limited number to understand the source of sample, the reporter interviewed a cosmetics supply chain company staff Tan Jun (pseudonym).According to her introduction, her company will invite some head anchors live with goods, in order to attract fans to buy, the company will specially produce a batch of samples, along with the genuine gift to consumers.If there are any samples left, they are sold as goods.”In fact, some stores will sell real and fake samples mixed together, which is difficult for most consumers to tell apart.”Tan Jun revealed.Bel agrees with Tan’s statement that “real and fake are sold together.””The number of genuine samples is very limited, especially for big brands, which are strictly controlled. It is impossible to sell tens of thousands of samples a month.”Bel said.Bel told the reporter that a good friend of hers, who is also a beauty blogger, had posted a video revealing that a sample from a store was fake, but then received a letter from the store’s lawyer.Bel says that since these stores also sell genuine products and give away a batch of genuine samples, they are more likely to win when they Sue by producing invoices to prove that the samples are shop giveaways.He force said, there will be some cabinet elder sister or cabinet elder brother secretly detained some sample peddling, but with the increasingly strict brand control, this situation is more and more rare, “if detained sample behavior was found, will be fired, few people will take their own career joke.”Earlier, media reporters ever to a specialized production of cosmetics small sample factory unannounced investigation.This factory is in charge of person of person: “advanced imitation arrives exterior big, small to color, smell to wait as it doesn’t matter with genuine, use the consumer that be used to counter namely, when using easy also discern not to come out.”The issue has also been brought to the fore by the “Givenchy powder 6G medium sample” incident, after a college student beauty blogger and her roommate were accused of selling fake givenchy powder 6G medium sample.Givenchy then officially stated that it had never produced a 6G medium sample, giving a clear conclusion.He li also said: “Authentic samples in the brand to do activities when the application for consumers to pay postage can be.There will be daigou in a variety of groups to ask others to apply for, and then their own money recycling, and then sell.Although these samples are genuine, they are very limited.”Wu Tong has bought samples in the daigou, professional daigou sold samples and can ensure the authenticity of it?Bel and Heli agree that genuine products are available, and some daigou stock up on them for sale, but the total number is small and will run out quickly if they are sold.”When consumers buy formal clothes, the brand will give the same amount of sample, to reduce costs, consumers will also sell the sample.But in practice, low-price big genuine sample, often can not meet.”Bel said.In addition to fakes, samples also have expired problems.He Li once encountered the situation that the production batch number of the sample bottle body sold by some merchants was cut off. Without the production batch number, the production date and other information of the sample could not be checked.”The merchant will say that it is recycled from the counter sister, so the batch number can only be cut off in order to prevent the brand from tracking it.What seems to be a legitimate reason may be fake or even expired samples.”Said he li has moved.If there is something wrong with this kind of product, how should consumers protect their rights?For this problem, he li said that can only go to the platform to complain, and to prove that the skin problems and goods have inevitable connection is not easy, a set of processes down is actually very time and energy consumption.When talking about whether they will protect their rights if they buy fake samples, Wu Tong and Tian Xinyu both gave negative answers.”The original sample price is not particularly expensive, if the return of goods, will waste more time and energy, it is better to admit that unlucky.”Tian Xinyu said.Bel understands.In her opinion, with the rapid rise of small sample market, some exclusive small sample shops gradually appeared the phenomenon of big shop cheating customers.Bel once saw in the comments of some sample shops that some buyers left messages saying that they suspected the sample was fake. When applying for refund, the merchants would not return the sample, but would frequently call the buyers to harass them.In addition, she believes that consumers are difficult to protect their rights because there is no evidence.”Even if you tell the merchant that the packaging, color and smell of the product are different from the genuine product, the merchant will tell you that it is because of the production batch or the place of origin.”Bel said.At the end of the interview, When talking about the opinion of the demo, He Li and Bel have the same opinion.They believe that the gift sample itself is not for sale only for the convenience of consumers to buy the desired products, and it is unreasonable to sell the sample directly.In addition, the accompanying fakes, expired products and other problems will not only damage the interests of consumers, but also lead to brand image damage.In the opinion of Chang Sha, a lawyer in Beijing, it is difficult for consumers to claim rights from the brand when they buy fake and shoddy goods in the collection store without the authorization of the brand owner. They can only ask the store owner to return the goods or compensate for them, which poses a great risk to the protection of consumers’ rights and interests.The problems of fake cosmetics samples emerge in endlessly, and it is difficult to fundamentally eliminate the occurrence of such problems.In the opinion of the industry insiders interviewed, the two main barriers to the long-term development of cosmetics sample market are: regular channels of purchase and sales channels.But up to now, the production and sales chain of small samples has not been formed.A beauty shop owner also revealed that if there is no special channel, it is difficult to ensure the continuous and stable supply of samples.On the e-commerce platform, the formal channels for obtaining samples are not only for purchasing formal clothes, but also for some activities on the e-commerce platform. However, this channel is still not open to most people.According to many netizens’ feedback: “E-commerce has a variety of requirements for the trial, so many people apply, but few people receive.””There is no unified sales channel for cosmetics samples obtained through various channels. There are samples on e-commerce platforms, second-hand platforms, purchasing groups and offline stores.There is no unified channel of purchase and sale, which undoubtedly provides an opportunity for the production and sale of fake cosmetics samples.”Said he li has moved.(Cartoon/Li Xiaojun reporter zhao Li Intern Yang Yinan) Source: Rule of Law Daily