“The world” full proof: stupid child really is to repay kindness

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The stupid boy really came to repay his kindness.01 The most popular TV series these days, there is no doubt that “the World”.Yesterday, I accompanied my mother to watch this drama. When I saw zhou’s mother paralyzed in bed, with only Zhou Bingkun taking care of her three children, my mother said, “The World proves once again that stupid children really come to repay their kindness.”02 It seems so.The eldest son, Zhou Bingyi, was brilliant from an early age and had always been an excellent student. Later, he was admitted to Peking University and became the head of a large state-owned factory. Later, he became the head of a city.His life is beautiful, but he is such a beautiful child, destined to be impossible to stay with his parents, he has his city, he has his career, he has his pursuit.The second daughter, Zhou Rong, is also brilliant. She has been a student with excellent grades since childhood. Later she was admitted to Peking University and became a university professor.Her life is also successful, but her successful children are destined to stay with their parents, she has her stubbornness, she has her pursuit, she has her journey.The third son, Zhou Bingkun, was quite stupid compared with his elder brothers and sisters.He was not very clever in reading since childhood, coupled with more honest and honest, brother and sister think he is “very stupid”, mom and dad also called him “old pimple”.He is such a person, destined to fly not far, he went to the wood factory as a small worker, and then to the soy sauce factory as a small worker, and later opened a noodle shop.Although Zhou Bingkun can not give parents face, but he is kind and he is hard-working, when their parents have something, only he can wait on the front and back, busy before running after care.So really as my mother said: smart brother two sister is to collect debt, and the stupid bingkun is to repay.My mother’s words remind me of a principal’s speech at a parents’ meeting in 2018: “Some children are born with the ability to read, while others are not.Children without qualifications are used to repay their kindness, because they are very good at school, and will go to the United States, Britain and Canada in the future. They can only meet by video.Reading is not qualified, such as our old can often accompany, today take us to eat beef balls, tomorrow take us to eat seafood, think really beautiful!If you look closely in life, you’ll see that it’s usually the less promising child who can take care of himself in old age.”That’s exactly what the headmaster said.Looking around us, those children who study well, choose universities in first-tier cities or new first-tier cities, after undergraduate study, master’s and doctor’s degree, many go abroad to study.After graduation, they either settle down abroad or return to first-tier cities to fulfill their ambitions, because their dreams cannot fit in small places.So, as the principal says, “a lot of the time, the only way to meet is by video.”Those with average grades didn’t go far when they got to college.After graduation, most choose to return home and find a stable job.They are not far from their parents, usually can often go home to see, and when their parents are old, they can also receive their parents around, so that their parents enjoy the happiness of family.Parents of average students actually enjoyed parenting more than those of high school students.”Children who study well come to collect debts, children who don’t study well come to repay debts.”There is some truth in this saying.Of course, this is not absolute.Some of the children who did well in school stayed with their parents.Those children who are not good at school are also more disobedient to their parents.So I’m talking about the relative case, just the majority of cases.I am not writing this post to ask whether it is better to have a gifted child or a mediocre one.What I want to stress is that it is good to have a mediocre child.If you can have bingkun such a child, although he failed to be admitted to a famous university, although he failed to be a senior official, although he failed to enter dachang cattle enterprises, but he is hard-working and motivated, but he is kind filial piety, for parents is also a very good result.Therefore, as the principal said, “We should respect the differences of each child. Many things are preordained, so we don’t have to impose too much.To have a gifted child, a gifted good;To have a mediocre child is to have mediocre children.”07 THE reason why I write this article is that I think many parents nowadays have too narrow definition of good children. In their eyes, only good children are good children, and poor children are unworthy of being children: “Really useless.””You’re stupid.””How can you be so stupid?””Look at the others.””Why are you crying? You have the face to cry.””You have been very disrespectful. I am very disappointed in you.””Calculate, see you later also won’t have promise.”…………………We are always used to use academic performance, to measure a child’s good or bad.In our eyes, children with bad grades do not deserve to live.But “the World” tells us: a child’s good or bad, not only look at the academic performance, as long as he loves work, as long as he is industrious and motivated, as long as he is kind and filial, he is a good boy, he can even be a better child.I am writing this article because I think that many people nowadays have too narrow a definition of happiness. Many people’s definition of happiness is: to be rich, to be powerful, to be famous.It seems that only with these, our life is happy.But in the words of Adam Smith, the father of economics, “The greatest source of misery and chaos in life often comes from overestimating the difference between one long-term condition and another.Greed overestimates the difference between rich and poor, ambition overestimates the difference between high office and common, vanity overestimates the difference between being well-known and unknown.”Indeed, many people lead anxious and unhappy lives because they overestimate the difference between being rich and poor, between being in high office and being ordinary, between being widely known and unknown.In the “world” three siblings inside, in fact, I think the most happy, not eldest brother, not two elder sister, but three bingkun, bingkun is the family is the most common one, but it is one of the most happy to live, because his life is full of fireworks, he lived a real life.We are taught every day how to be successful, but few people tell us how to be a happy ordinary person.A few days ago, I saw a big V and said, “Maybe I’m old. Now I like the ordinary and stable life very much. I don’t want to catch the tide or take a boat, but I feel satisfied to have my own sea.After work, I would go to the supermarket and cook with my lover. After dinner, I would take a walk by the river with neon lights.A life like this, without ups and downs, I think is good, good enough.”That’s true. Life doesn’t have to be big, rich or famous. It’s nice to have a little fun and a little taste.Step-by-step to do daily work, work and love to cook, supermarket with neon lights of the river for a walk after dinner, and finally to rest over the weekend, to see a favorite movie lovers, salary and bonus at the end of a month, and again each holiday and birthday, as well as the upcoming spring and the first spring rain,…………………Such an ordinary life, in fact, is also worth living.@If you see this, I hope you can click “forward” and share it with more friends.-END-