You don’t influence many people

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It was a gloomy day, and my mood was a little dull.The other day I was on the Number 10 bus, staggering east.A strange man of about sixty kept smiling and looking at me. Suddenly he came over and shook my hand and said, “Are you a fish in the ocean?”I nodded. Yes, legal.’I’ve read all your articles,’ he said excitedly.You wrote when you were 20 years old, you wrote for decades, and you have influenced generations.When I heard the praise, I felt comfortable, but I shook my head modestly on my mouth.The reader was also a chatterbox who could name so many of my works so loudly that everyone looked at me and I felt a little embarrassed and got out of the car in advance so as not to annoy others.It’s not the right time to talk about literature in public. People will think you’re a monster. This isn’t the 1980s.Strangers’ praise is definitely unutilitarian and heartfelt.A person walking on the road, remembering the words of the enthusiastic reader, felt as comfortable as if the sun had suddenly emerged on a cloudy day.In the 1980s, when the society was just opening up and thinking was just becoming active, literature became the only spiritual outlet.Literature performs many important functions that it shouldn’t, and you wouldn’t believe it if you hadn’t experienced it.I remember one evening in the mid-1980s, a few of us literature lovers organized a poetry recitation appraisal meeting held in shangxian Dongguan Film Theater.The theater, which was nearly a thousand people, was filled, and the roads were filled.A reading with no one keeping order, no yelling, no walking out.There are old people with white hair, middle-aged officials and, more often than not, young men with afro hair and bell-bottom trousers.I still remember Chen Hansheng, the sculptor with white beard, vividly reciting a poem he had written. There was a line in it: “The Great Wall, you are like China’s waistband, winding so long that you can’t see your head…His performance with long hair and emotion aroused bursts of applause.He won the first prize in the spot scoring awards.It’s incredible to think of the grand poetry festival now.It is amazing that so many people listen to one poem after another for more than two hours, which shows the popularity of literature.The CCTV Spring Festival play Liang Xiaosheng novel series, “in the world,” the young girl Zhou Rong love than his sophomore year of more than ten years old poet Feng Huacheng, openly to elope to the plot of guizhou to jump the queue, young people don’t believe in this matter, can be in and s, the plot is too common, like now beauty on the rich, people can only envy, jealousy secretly swallow saliva.Poets and even writers in that year were rich in spirit.The red-hot era in the 1930s and 1980s also affected a number of people, such as us.The name Of Shangluo was also known in the 1980s as the place where Li Zicheng used to be a soldier. It was famous for yao Xueyin’s novel, and his Li Zicheng also won the MAO Dun Literature Prize.When people heard that shangluo people were confused, they moved out of Li Zicheng.Later, Jia Pingwa’s prose novels continued to influence shangluo for 40 years, making it more famous.Outsiders saw and asked, shangluo I know, Jia Pingwa’s hometown, writers like walnuts is a specialty.Jia Pingwa really started in the 1970s and 1980s, and became a literary Qinling. If nothing else, he gave the scholars in the mountains confidence.I remember in the 1990s, a group of writers to tussahui activities, the county leaders said, welcome jia Pingwa and other writers to our county.Fang Yingwen, He Danmeng and Chen Yan were all present.We joke, respectively claiming to wait for one, wait for two, wait for three, have to be flat concave halo enveloped helplessness and unwilling.Chen Yan ran fast, also got MAO Dun literature prize, once the fame ran out, smile stood in front of the wait, I still stand in the wait, a station for thirty years, also used to.4 days good, wechat and Douyin became the favorite.Fewer people read books, and those who love literature have become a minority.Writers and works have become a small circle since hi, not much attention, unless the MAO prize and the epidemic.The Spring Festival Gala in the Year of the Tiger is as boring as the Chinese New Year, but it still has to go on.Dance can not understand, the sketch is not funny, but Han Hong singing “there are so many people in the world”, let people move.There are so many people in the world, there’s an open door in the crowd, there’s always a blue morning in my confused eyes.There are so many people in this world, how many people can love literature?When so many people love poetry in the county theater, how many people are still left now?Big writers have a lot of influence, at least a group of small writers, a group of hard-core fans.How many people can a small writer influence?A hundred, too many;Ten or twenty.Think of all the compliments from strangers on the bus that day, a little exaggerated, at least one of my influences.Don’t feel good about yourself, I’m afraid you are the most affected by yourself, look at life with good intentions, as Ba Jin said, give your heart to readers.I write my heart, I believe that literature this lamp can still illuminate their own life, not self-abased not from hi, live well, write well, this is enough.The copyright belongs to the author.