The number of export vehicles at The Horgos highway port in the “boundary bridge transfer” mode exceeded 10,000

2022-06-17 0 By

On April 8, 133 commercial vehicles left the country from the Horgos highway port in Xinjiang and headed for Kazakhstan.Marking this year horgos highway port to “boundary bridge handover” mode of export of commodity vehicles through 10,000.Data from Xinjiang Horgos Entry-exit Border Inspection Station show that this year, the export of domestic commercial vehicles at Horgos highway port exceeded 10,000 vehicles three months earlier than last year, with a year-on-year growth of 154%. These domestic commercial vehicles are mainly from Shandong, Shaanxi, Henan and other places, and are exported to Central Asia, Europe and other countries and regions through Horgos port.The main types are second-hand fuel vehicles, new energy electric vehicles, heavy dump trucks, road trucks and cement mixers.At present, xinjiang Horgos port has an average of 150 commercial vehicles exported every day, the highest daily 239 vehicles.Khorgos Customs, border inspection and other departments work closely together to provide 24-hour reservation for customs clearance, and realize the guarantee mechanism of whole-process supervision, batch inspection and efficient service to ensure that “cars arrive and people arrive, immediately check”.The “border bridge handover” means that Chinese drivers take necessary measures to prevent the epidemic, drive their vehicles to the border bridge between China and Kazakhstan, and then the Kazakh drivers will drive the vehicles out of the country.The whole process is point-to-point, person-to-vehicle, no meeting, zero contact.Data from Xinjiang Horgos Entry-exit Border Control Station show that since the “boundary bridge handover” mode was first applied at Horgos port in Xinjiang on May 23, 2020, by April 8, 2022, 39625 Chinese-made commercial vehicles had left the country through this mode.(CCTV reporter Jiang Xuejiao, Li Hang, Li Qiang, Huo Guositai)