Outrageous markup/Civic replacement/harder to grab than Spring Festival train tickets!Editors look at the hot cars of 2021

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The New Year is coming soon. First of all, here xiaobian will give you an early year. I wish you all a happy New Year to mention your car.2021 is going to be a bumpy year for the auto market.Parts shortages, price hikes, production stoppages and queues are frequently trending topics.2021 is also a year of new cars.All kinds of new car gods, there are also many car enterprises to do a lot of SAO operation.Today we take a look at some of the hottest cars our editors think will be particularly interesting in 2021.It’s not the biggest mark-up this year, but it’s one of the most controversial.In fact, the Sena is really a good product of the 7-seater MPV model, its space performance is unparalleled in the class, especially in the trunk space.When I was in America, it looked silly to me that Americans would use Senna’s really big suitcases, bicycles, baby strollers, and even stall gear to just throw them in.Especially I usually like to ride a bicycle, to change another car, the roof is afraid of falling off, the rear of the car was punished block plate, put in the car have to remove the wheel, compared to the game that directly push it is really convenient.But that really went too far this time.Toyota has been raising prices in China for a long time, as has Highlander.But the price increase range is also acceptable, although the price increase is not comfortable, but the market economy we can not say what.However, the price increase of this race is outrageous, the first batch of car owners basic price increase is around 60,000 yuan, the top with insurance, purchase tax miscellaneous to about 500,000 yuan landing.And Toyota brags that most drivers opt for mid-to-high and top-of-the-line cars.Do I want to buy low matching and you sell it?500 thousand I buy a Wuling Hongguang pull bicycle and then buy a BBA it doesn’t smell good?The world has been suffering Toyota for a long time, it is time for Toyota to learn what the sea of the people is.In fact, many models and brands are controversial this year, for example, Tesla has almost no positive news this year, and Euler has caused public anger because of the chip problem.But why do I take out shadow leopard and say?Because Honda’s “Ghoul’s first car” hat was picked up by Shadow Leopard on the 11th generation Civic.Dude, in the screenshots of all kinds of suspected Shadow Leopard car friends circulating on the Internet, that shadow Leopard is a god car, porsche 911, BMW M4 that are “garbage”.That was some crazy talk.Whether it is intentional location or really so crazy, this group of suspected shadow leopard owners follow shadow leopard is famous.In addition, in all kinds of evaluation, the actual performance evaluation of Shadow Leopard is also divided seriously, some people say that its gearbox adjustment is chaotic, the whole car is rotten in a complete mess.Some people think it has a good overall texture and is a lot of fun to drive.Here as a person who has driven a test car and overproduced cars to be fair, the earliest trumpchi to the media test car gearbox does have problems, the lifting gear logic is messed up.But the performance of mass production cars is much better, there is basically no big problem, to say that the price of about 100,000 yuan to find a fun car, Shadow Leopard is really a good choice.If you want to write a book about the development of hard off-road vehicles in China, the book should be divided into two parts: before the launch of the tank, after the launch of the tank.Before the Launch of the Tank 300, the domestic hardline SUV market was in a slump.That year chery launched Weilin X5, advertising words are: tough guy focus, cross-country revival.The result is sold too miserably, not only did not revive, but also dragged the whole Chery into the mire.Even the later Beijing BJ40 didn’t make much waves until the panzer 300 appeared.The Great Wall didn’t expect the Panzer 300 to be so popular.Orders have been flowing from the beginning to the end of the year.A friend of mine wanted to buy a panzer 300 and asked me if there was a way to pick it up earlier.However in reality, don’t say I have no way, our boss have no way, even the Great Wall people buy tank 300 have to queue up honestly, know Wei Jianjun are useless, this car is so hot.My buddy didn’t pick up his car until August.When it came to the Panzer 500, it was even more popular.You know, this car’s not on the market yet, so orders are blind.I’m behind the old guy on the day of the pre-sale.I’ve never been so wronged before.Of course, there are also many scalpers who want to grab orders and resell them at a high price.After all, the Panzer 300 is now on the market and used cars are more expensive than new ones.However, this disruptive market behavior of scalpers snatching orders is not used to by consumers and manufacturers, and these orders have been cancelled.The actual performance of the Tank 500, I haven’t seen the production version yet, but I have seen the pre-assembly version, and to be honest it has a “Baoding Big 57” feel, very large and luxurious, and the new 3.0T is very exciting.I’m really looking forward to seeing the production version of this car in action.These three cars are my most impressed cars of the year. Some are really good, and some have all sorts of dirty operations that I don’t like at all, but whether they sell well or badly, they contribute a lot of moral heat to the car industry this year.At the end of the year, it’s fun to take a look back at the cars of 2021.