Call the digital astronauts!Get ready for the Beijing Winter Olympics!

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Beijing calls digital astronauts, ready for Beijing Winter Olympics.Xinhua News Agency China National Space Administration State Key Laboratory of Media Fusion Production Technology and System Xinhua News Agency Sports Department Xinhua News Agency International Broadcasting Convergence Platform China National Space Administration News and Publicity Center China National Space Administration Lunar Exploration And Space Engineering Center China National Space Administration Anhui Branch Xinhua News Agency Xinhua New Media CenterExecutive production of Xinhua Satellite News Laboratory, Communication support, Scientific consultant of Xinhua News and Information Center, State Key Laboratory of Remote Sensing Science, Academy of Space And Space Information Innovation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Satellite Mapping and Digital Man strategic partner of Remote Sensing Laboratory, Tencent Interactive Entertainment NExTStudios co-executive produced Bismuyu (Beijing) Digital Technology Co., LTD. Galaxy Aerospace (Beijing) Technology Co., LTD