1-0.La Liga’s promotion to the last four of the Copa del Rey is a 40-year record

2022-06-17 0 By

Beijing time on February 3 in the morning, the end of the Spanish king’s cup quarter-final over a game, two newly promoted teams, ultimately valle carnot game 1-0 won 4-3 Majorca, advance the king cup semi-finals this season, literally, the challenge for the final champion teams even have hope.Valle cano all previous round knockout is road, until they finally won the game at home, you know, as a newly promoted team this season, the column cano’s home record is very good, they just by athletic bilbao last month with a first home defeat, so the game at home valle cano mora.Together with two teams strength gap is not big, lightning this service win probability is great.Tiger falcao is absent due to international duty, but vallecano still have many key players to start the game, because of the league there is a huge pressure to avoid relegation, so mallorca made a slight adjustment to this game lineup, South Korea international Lee Gang-in starting, Kubo Kenhide is standby.Lobbed home in the first half 12th minute, angel rodriguez had scored a goal, but because of the offside goal will be disallowed and the 43rd minute, alvaro Garcia down by mallorca player in the area, the referee penalty decision, trevor huo overnight, taking valle cano lead, since both offensively, but no, finally the carnot 1:Beat Mallorca 0 to advance.It is the second time vallecano have reached the last four of the Copa del Rey since 1982, 40 years ago, and they have become only the fifth promoted side to reach the last four of the copa del Rey in this century. Zaragoza won the copa del Rey in 2004.This year’s Vallecano is expected to repeat the feat.Vallecano this season in addition to good cup results, they are also firmly in the top of the league, there is no pressure to avoid relegation, even in the first half of the season in the top four, the team is still fighting for the hope of European competition.The lightning have been able to pull off their feat with captain Trejo scoring nine assists in la Liga this season, just ahead of Karim Benzema at the top of the league, while Tiger Falcao has scored five league goals as a non-starter.Vallecano will definitely have a chance in the Copa del Rey, while at league level they will not need to avoid relegation. After all, for a small team, playing in Europe can lead to the collapse of the team because of multiple fronts, so the team should focus more on domestic competition.