Xingren People’s Procuratorate held the first public hearing on a civil case

2022-06-15 0 By

Recently, the People’s Procuratorate of Xingren held its first civil case hearing, which was broadcast live on China Procuratorial Hearing website.The hearing was presided over by Deputy Procurator-General Hu Gang, and NPC Deputy Ren Qingliang, CPPCC member Yu Wengang and People’s Supervisor Zhang Ya were invited as hearers.At the hearing, the procurator in charge introduced the basic situation of the case, the matters to be heard and the relevant legal provisions, and summarized the disputed focus of the case.Liu, the party concerned, explained the matters applied for supervision of the case, and three hearing officers questioned the party on the relevant situation of the case.After the evaluation, the representative of the hearing officer expressed his opinion on whether there was any illegal act of execution in this case and whether the written materials submitted by the parties were objections to execution.In the next step, the court will carry out the procuratorial hearing work on a regular basis. For civil cases that meet the requirements, the court should focus on “hearing” and “testimony” as the starting point, and make efforts in collecting evidence, confirming facts, consulting and argumentation, and interpreting laws and reasoning, so as to force the civil procuratorial supervision and handling of cases to improve.