What should Chinese youth look like?They gave us the best answer 86 years ago!

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In December 1935, winter was coming, and the water turned to ice. The lazy sunshine could hardly bring warmth to the ancient capital of Peiping. The smell of blood floated in the air from time to time, which added a little ruthlessness.”North China is too big to put a peaceful desk!”The young students in Peiping could hardly hide their disappointment. They hated the weakness of the Kuomintang and the recklessness of the Japanese imperialists.At this point, there’s no going back. It’s time to stand up!December 9, 1935, was destined to be a moment of youth.”Stop the civil war and unite with the outside world”, “overthrow The Japanese imperialism”, “oppose the autonomy of North China”, “abolish the Jizhai Political Committee”…Waves of shouts broke the tranquillity of Peiping, and the air in the streets moved quickly.Looking down west Chang ‘an avenue and Wangfujing Avenue, there were dark lines of students, row upon row of banners and flyers.Along the way, students continue to join the parade, roadside vendors, workers raised their fists to cheer them on.The imperialist lackeys, armed with knives and sticks and machine guns, surrounded the young students at the forefront of the team.Despite the opposition of the citizens, they sprayed the students with water cannons.Under the winter, the spray of water like a sharp ice knife, in the arms of the young students left a scar.But even this has not deterred these young forces.In the face of force and intimidation, they have no fear, a knife and stick taken from the hands of the police and the work of life-and-death struggle, wailing, rushing sound mixed together, resounding in the streets.The flame of youth burning, because of the deep love buried in the bottom of my heart – love the motherland, love the Chinese nation up and down five thousand years of brilliant civilization, love at the foot of this thick and vicissitudes of the land.At the critical moment when the nation was in danger, the long-suppressed patriotic feelings were released.Later, students’ patriotic rallies and demonstrations broke out in Tianjin, Baoding, Taiyuan, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Guangzhou and other large and medium-sized cities. Workers and farmers also stood up and joined the ranks.This patriotic movement led by the Chinese Communist Party soon influenced the whole country, resulting in an earth-shaking national awakening.Since then, the youth of the fire spewed into a revolutionary flood, in China’s land destruction burning brightly, the Chinese people’s resistance against Japanese democratic movement in the new climax at that moment.And the long river of history also turns here.December 9, 1935, is destined to leave an indelible mark in Chinese history.As Comrade MAO Zedong said, “The 12th-9th Movement mobilized the whole nation to fight against Japanese aggression. It prepared the anti-japanese ideology, prepared the anti-japanese people and prepared the anti-japanese cadres.” It will be a very important commemoration in Chinese history.Now, looking back, that era is impossible to replicate.Still, we have been reminded for the umpteen times of how young people with a “great nation” in their hearts launched a powerful movement that reshaped the destiny of a nation.They rise up in the oppression, forge ahead in hardship, struggle in despair, with their own way to change China.At the same time, we are also thinking about whether today’s young people can still give a resounding answer with their own responsibility and down-to-earth attitude.If “reading” and “saving the country” as a choice, who would you choose?The Chinese youth of that era answered in this way: “At present, ‘reading with peace of mind’ is just a sleeping pill. We will never blindly take it again.For the sake of the nation, we are willing to put aside our books for the time being and do as much practical work as we can for the nation.”Nowadays, the job of Chinese youth is no longer limited to “reading”, and the time responsibility is far less than “saving the country” so heavy.If time and space can be misplaced, we can proudly tell the group of young people who came before us 86 years ago that they still represent the collective portrait of today’s Chinese youth with lofty ideals, deep love for the motherland, responsibility for The Times, courage to struggle and excellent skills.Thousands of miles on the border line, a large number of young officers and men with youth to guard the motherland, although the conditions are bitter but never retreat half step, Chen Xiangrong even gave his precious life, “clear love, only for China”, just eight words, the infinite affection and love of the motherland.In the battle against COVID-19, young people, along with the vast number of frontline epidemic prevention and control workers, braved hardships and dangers and rushed to the front, demonstrating the vigorous power of youth and delivering qualified answers.Of the more than 42,000 medical workers who rushed to Hubei, more than 12,000 were born in the 1990s, and quite a few of them were born after 1995 or even 2000.In the battle against poverty, the stories of huang Wenxiu, Wang Qiuting and other “post-90s” village cadres have touched us all, demonstrating that the young are fearless, and the more difficult it is, the more enterprising they are.On the road to becoming a powerful country in science and technology, a group of young scientific experts have turned the beautiful legends of “Chang ‘e flying to the moon” and “deep-sea exploration” thousands of years ago into reality.Just a few days ago, the Central Publicity Department and the Ministry of Education jointly released the advanced deeds of “the most Beautiful College students”.Liu Chen, Liu Yaodong and other young people interpret the profound connotation of the word “struggle” with practical actions.Some of them came out of the army with pens and volunteered to work in the difficult frontier areas.Some struggle to win glory for the country in the Olympic Games;Some are committed to scientific and technological innovation, the paper will be written on the land of the motherland……This group of “most beautiful college students” although the way to present excellence is different, but in their bones, it happens to be the same transmission of the temperament of struggle, but also in the invisible for other young people to set up a benchmark for struggle.”When the young are wise, the country is wise; when the young are rich, the country is rich; when the young are strong, the country is strong; when the young are independent, the country is independent; when the young are free, the country is free; when the young are progressive, the country is progressive; when the young are better than Europe, the country is better than Europe; when the young are stronger than the earth, the country is stronger than the earth.Liang qichao’s prophecy is still in our ears.Reviewing the past, the old times, weak and oppressed China, can not do without a group of young people who dare to fight, dare to resist.In the new era, China, full of vigor and vitality, is also inseparable from a group of young people who are full of vigor and striving for the best.On Zhihu, one person wrote: “Before, I thought the 12th · 9th Movement was just an exam point that must be memorized in history books, but I never understood its true meaning.Today, more than 80 years later, the courage and faith they gave us lives on.I believe that a new generation of ambitious young people will create a better future with unmatched determination.”Each generation has its own mission and responsibility.”Young people should shoulder the historical mission, forge ahead with confidence, set high aspirations, be bright and virtuous, become talented and shoulder great responsibilities, and strive to become a new generation worthy of the task of national rejuvenation. Let them blossom in their unremitting efforts for the motherland, the nation, the people and mankind.”President Xi’s message to young people is sonorous and powerful.In this magical land, every winter is engraved with the memory of “12 · 9”.Eighty-six years ago, the shouts of those patriotic youth echoed through time and space.Today, hundreds of millions of lively young Chinese, with light in their eyes and dreams in their hearts, shoulder the responsibility and belief entrusted by their family and country feelings, are walking, running and growing towards the light, accomplishing the inheritance of dreams and missions in a silent place.Just as the saying goes, “Youth, country and era are like an iron triangle, pushing each other forward.”At this point, we can proudly say, the motherland has me, please rest assured!