Qirui official mall set wufu activities online, to high ten thousand yuan courtesy

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Lucky official mall set wufu activities online, to high ten thousand yuan courtesy farewell to welcome the new, the year of the Tiger.Chery with sincerity fuka grand attack!Chery official mall set five blessings to welcome auspicious tiger activities now open.From January 21 to February 15, visit chery’s official mall and participate in the activity of collecting five blessings (Kunpeng, Super Energy, Hero, Mugyi fan, diamond), you will have the chance to draw a high prize of ten thousand yuan.In the thick festive atmosphere, Chery brings more diversified and rich car purchasing benefits to consumers with the activity mode of “Fu” which is full of traditional culture!Set wufu lucky draw chance to win to high ten thousand yuan burning engine courtesy January 21 – February 15, the user entered the qirui official mall, click set Wufu ying Ruihu corresponding activity page, login and punch in, you can get a set card opportunity, every day can sign in set card oh!Share the activity page with your friends and invite them to “get lucky” with you and also get extra lucky card opportunities (can be shared multiple times per day).After collecting the five blessings, you can click the lucky draw.Secretly tell you, after collecting five blessings, share friends can enjoy a lucky draw, double chance, double good luck!Multiple courtesy is limited, while running out!First Prize: Chinese New Year gift not to be missed!Users who win the first prize will get a chery gift package worth 10,000 yuan.There are not only glory Magic 3 to reach the version of the mobile phone trend of science and technology, as well as for the whole family health escort mi wireless vacuum cleaner K10 Pro.At the beginning of the New Year, start the New Year with fashion style!Second prize: Car purchase benefits in the moment!For those who win the second prize, the red envelope of rmb2022 for car purchase has been prepared for you, which can be directly deducted when buying a car, helping you become a Chery owner and start a new car life immediately.Third prize: Thoughtful after-sales benefits are now in place!As a highly respected high-performance window film brand in the world, Dragon film is the daily car owners can not be missed partners.In addition to the function of anti-uv, heat insulation and heat preservation, it can also ensure the privacy of the car and provide the intimate guardian of security and anti-theft for the owner.The third prize gift is a set of dragon film, help owners of the New Year comfortable car.Cattle gathered into the sky jade, tiger to step on the open ground gold.New Chinese fuel engine Spring Festival set five blessings activity is now open, Chery invites you to participate in multiple rights and interests, you come to take action quickly, open a new car life!More exciting than that, welcome to continue to pay attention to the chery official mall during the Spring Festival, activities, benefits, there is always the gift you want, there is always the activities you want to participate in, more mysterious surprises are coming, please look forward to!