Meigao Industry: nano antivirus office furniture has become a popular tuyere

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With the outbreak of COVID-19, people have become more cautious and can minimize contact with the outside world as much as possible. However, in office space, contact with people from different areas is inevitable, and office furniture has become a potential vector of infection of various viruses and germs.Antibacterial nano office furniture has become a trend of antibacterial nano technology has been more than 20 years of development history, as early as the SARS epidemic during the development of antiviral materials, and has been used in the medical clothing industry.Using nano antibacterial products can kill 99.9% of eucommia virus and bacteria within 5 seconds.It is a kind of polymer and silver ion coupling nano-composite material, once contacted with the virus, the organic polymer and the virus envelope immediately fusion, and then the silver ion can drive into the nucleic acid molecules, prevent its replication, so that the virus inactivation.Nano antibacterial office furniture has become a trend. The material technology has been applied in manned spaceflight, Tokyo Olympic Games, Wuhan anti-epidemic products and other products, and has a wide range of applications in daily consumer products.At this stage in wood, metal, cloth, leather and other raw materials commonly used in office furniture, there has been a very mature processing technology system.Cloth office furniture is mainly office chairs, sofas and other products made of cloth materials. Antiviral functional materials are added to the fabric after finishing. Due to product design and washing, there are requirements for durability of washing.Leather, leather office furniture, antiviral nanomaterials by spraying strong adhesion to the leather surface, like a layer of protective film, antiviral activity 99%, safe and durable.Nano antibacterial office furniture has become a trend of metal office cabinet furniture or other metal parts of office furniture. It is through electroplating oxidation or coating treatment, so that the antiviral material is firmly combined with the metal surface, so as to form a lasting antiviral effect.Wooden office desks and chairs and other products are generally made of antiviral wood office furniture by antiviral paint brushing. They can still have antibacterial and antiviral effects after scrubbing or ordinary wear and tear.Using nanotechnology products can inhibit and kill several kinds of pathogens, including not only influenza a virus, coronavirus, adenovirus, such as hand, foot and mouth virus virus, also includes the common bacteria such as e. coli, staphylococcus aureus, the largest extent, broaden the scope of application scenarios, to meet the market demand for higher anti-bacterial anti-virus products.Nanometer antibacterial office furniture has become a trend in the office furniture industry, and a large market space and development potential of the antiviral materials, through to the general office furniture antiviral function development, will give ordinary office furniture enterprise new competitive advantage, has become the new trend of lead in the development of office furniture, bring new kinetic energy, nano antiviral material,Office furniture will become a strong health protection barrier, so that technology care workplace safety!