Hong Kong stocks change | China Electric Power (02380) up more than 5% led the green electric concept stocks new energy historical underpayment problem formally into the solution process

2022-06-14 0 By

Zhitong Financial APP learned that green electricity concept stocks in the morning collective higher, as of press time, China Power (02380) up 4.94%, at HK $4.04;CGN New Energy (01811) gained 4.18% to HK $3.24;Huadian International (01071) rose 3.4 per cent to HK $2.43;China Resources Power rose 3.1 per cent to HK $14.64;Datang New Energy (01798) gained 2.91% to HK $3.18.On the news, according to the China Securities Journal reported that the relevant departments of the state are trying to solve the gap problem of renewable energy subsidies arrears.At present, the competent authorities are carrying out a systematic review of the arrears of renewable energy subsidies, and will complete the self-examination of enterprises by the end of March.It is expected that in the soonest quarter, the competent authorities will complete the inventory of the enterprises mentioned above, and then the country will issue one-time subsidies in arrears.Citic Securities pointed out that through the analysis of the composition of central government-managed fund expenditure over the years, we estimate that the domestic renewable energy fund expenditure will usher in a significant growth in 2022, the annual payment scale is expected to increase by 360 billion yuan to 450 billion yuan, and the historical under-subsidy problem of new energy has officially entered the process of solving.If the payment can be made smoothly, we expect to increase the investment capacity of the new energy industry by over one trillion yuan, which can cover the power station construction investment in the next two years. Under the background of improved return prospect of the new energy operation project, the settlement of the underpayment will be a substantial boost to the development of the industry.This article is from Zhitong Financial network