What is a leap?At what age does your baby experience a leap phase

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Many parents may find that their baby may be fussy at certain times, refusing to sleep, refusing to eat, crying all the time, throwing tantrums, and then not knowing what the reason is…Don’t fret, baby could be in a legendary leap!Periods of intense periods are actually a term for periods of intense development.It says that up to 20 months of age, babies go through 10 ‘hard to please phases’, during which crying, irritability, clinginess, poor sleep, loss of appetite and other seemingly’ regressive ‘behaviours.Second, when will the baby experience the leap period?In the first two years of life, the baby will experience about 10 leaps and bounds. Around that time, the baby may start to become very “emotional.” Parents may feel that the baby is very difficult to take care of, and there is no other reason…So this is probably a jump!Don’t worry, basically after a week or so, the baby will “return to normal”.First FeiYueQi: 5 weeks or so for the baby was born, with his growth and development, can see, hear, smell, feel, and even more taste is different, some changes he will like it, some changes but he did not like it, because he didn’t know how to cope with these changes (1) the baby will be very irritable.② Eager to be close to her mother.He’s almost two months into his eighth week, and he can’t wait to get his second leap.Baby at this moment, has opened a new way to know the world, he was able to find things around me and my body parts of a simple form, it is not just limited to the vision, and other various sensory perception, for instance, the baby found his hands and feet, and will try to try to get the hands and feet to do a certain position, or humming sound like a, o, e.Babies at this time will obviously become more active and active, and they will gradually begin to recognize the fixed pattern of the surrounding environment. Crying should be ranked first;A baby needs more attention: a mother who is always with him, watching him, talking to him, even if it is just sitting by his side;In addition, during this period, the baby’s sleep rhythm is likely to be disrupted, because just when the baby is about 4 months old, he will experience a long period of intense, so “sleep regression” is very common.The fifth leap:23 ~ 26 weeks or so for the baby life offers a wide range of can help him understand the “relationship” the opportunity of new things, such as people, things, voice, feeling and so on, the relationship between the baby will according to their own preferences, intention, and genetic to choose what he preferences, mother have to do is to encourage the baby to implement his interest,Instead of forcing your baby to play a game he doesn’t like.After a jump, your baby begins to understand the “relationships” between things, both in the outside world and in his own body.Seventh FeiYueQi: 42 ~ 46 weeks age baby can according to some fixed steps to try to do simple “task”, such as a spoon to eat my own side dish, they would know to put the spoon to see first dug, and then put a spoon in the mouth, and may try to dress himself even wear socks and so on.Babies in this age group have developed a lot of cognitive ability. They can understand a thing from beginning to end, such as washing dishes. They can know to put the dirty bowl in the sink, then clean it with a brush or sponge, and then put the bowl on the drying rack.The key word of this jump is principle, so it’s a good time to set rules!This is the age at which babies are already aware of the consequences of their actions so if parents want to establish rules for their children, they should seize this time and act quickly.The tenth leap:Around 72 to 76 weeks, the key word of the tenth jump stage is “system”. Babies at this age can already know some things in a more comprehensive and systematic way. After the tenth jump stage, babies will gradually learn new skills.Then the “rainstorm” icon means the baby is likely to start cranky at this time, and the “cloudy to sunny” icon means the baby’s mood will become stable.Brain jump represents skill unlocking, but each baby has his own preferences, temperament, and biology that drive him to choose what he finds interesting at every level.Some babies may try them all at once and others may be attracted to a particular skill, so it does not mean that they will get all the skills after the brain jump.Skills are available.