Changan to welcome pure electric car again?Chang ‘an brand-new pure electric vehicle spy shine exposure, modelling fruity interior is simple

2022-06-11 0 By

Recently, exposed on the network the spy that changan of a group of brand-new pure electric car is illuminated, the modelling that can see this car is rounded in the spy that illuminates from exposure, interior design is concise, positioning two car car or small SUV, the battery group of chassis lower part made clear the identity of new energy of this car.What’s so special about this car?Let’s take a look at it with the car player!In terms of appearance, the new car is covered by thick camouflage, but you can still see the rounded shape of the new car. In terms of details, the big lamp group on the front face may adopt a circular design style, and the black front enclosure is also equipped with ACC adaptive cruise device.On the side of the car body, the overall design style tends to be simple and simple. The side turn signal is integrated on the shell of the rearview mirror.At the rear of the new car, you can see the overall shape of the square, the size of the taillight is not very large, and the interior is integrated with LED light source, which must be full of effect after lighting at night.From the exposure of the spy photos, it can also be seen that the vehicle in the picture is matched with narrow tread tires, matching steel wheel rims.Interior part, the central console design style language is simple, design layout with a sense of hierarchy.There are no obvious physical buttons and central control panel in the central control area, and you can see the long and narrow air conditioner air outlet.The flat-bottomed steering wheel is similar to the dual-spoke design and has an LCD instrument on the front of the steering wheel, which is expected to have a built-in central control screen.In addition, the overall look of the car seat is very simple, using black leather, the interior of the filling is modest.In general, the entire interior design adopts a horizontal layout, which further widens the visual effect of the car.There’s no official word yet on power, but it features a battery pack and rear torsion beam suspension under the chassis.Conclusion: The overall shape of this car is quite round and looks lovely.The interior is also simple.The battery pack under the chassis also indicates that this will be a new energy electric car, and it is worth waiting for!Which begs the question, are you looking forward to it?Join us in the comments section.Edit: Sunny days