Remember lotus, the British hardcore trotter, the Evora

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Many fans are already familiar with Land Rover, which produces some of the world’s top high-performance sports cars, including the Evora.In July, Ludus unveiled the Evija, the first all-electric supercar in the UK, in London, showing the world the extraordinary technical strength of Ludus and the future product direction, which is an important demonstration of Ludus’ initiative to embrace the changes in the global automotive industry.To this day, ruters has always been the ultimate lightweight philosophy of the square Colin Chapman, allowing drivers to enjoy driving on the road or track.The Evora has a guide price of 972,000 to 972,000 yuan.The entire front face of The Evora 2019 GT410 Sport is very simple and low. The front plate shows the fierce design style with exquisite details and sparkle.The vehicle size of the Evora 2019 GT410 Sport is 4394/1845/1240mm, the wheelbase is 2575mm, the front tire specification is 235/35 R19, and the rear tire specification is 285/230 R20.The Evora 2019 GT410 Sport three-spoke steering wheel is made of leather, and the overall shape looks quite regular. The four-way hand adjustment is standard for all the steering wheels.In addition, the dashboard of the car looks sporty, and the dual-barrel design is highly dynamic.On the seat, the Evora 2019 GT410 Sport has a more dynamic seat design that provides good support and stimulates driving.The front seats are equipped with a heating function to enhance the comfort of the ride in winter driving.In terms of power, luters Evora 2019 GT410 Sport has a 3.5T V6 supercharged 2GR-FZE engine with a maximum power of 405 HP and a peak torque of 410N·m, paired with a 6AT transmission with a maximum speed of 280km/h.The official acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h is 4.1 seconds.Comment: The Evora’s power performance has become a must-see for this car, so if you’re a fan of extreme maneuverability and acceleration fun, keep an eye out.As the saying goes, you get what you pay for, although its price is relatively high, but bring better car experience, friends with ideas might wish to pay attention to.