Li Shixin, the party representative of Dezhou city, said, “Judging from history and educating people”, which provides ruling reference, spiritual nourishment and cultural support for the new era of endeavor

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Qilu nets, flash news on February 19 – on February 19, in dezhou 16th party congress of party representatives, municipal party committee party history research institute of Texas Li Shixin told lightning journalists in an interview that “the party is in the important historical intersection, economic and social development in Texas at a critical period in inheriting and continuity, the important meeting.The report stands tall, sees far, speaks accurately and speaks truly, which fully reflects the political firmness of the Municipal Party Committee, the firm belief in the goal, the strong will and the persistent style.”Li Shixin said that the municipal Party history Research Institute should earnestly shoulder the political responsibility and historical responsibility of “judging from history and educating people”, sum up experience, analyze problems and put forward countermeasures to provide governing reference for the new era of endeavor.Dezhou has a century-old glorious history of the Party, especially during the New Democratic Revolution, which has formed the excellent character of the Dezhou people to “follow the Command of the Party, dare to be pioneers, have the courage to take responsibility, and make selfless contributions.” We need to carry out extensive and in-depth study and education of the Party’s history to provide spiritual nourishment for the new era of endeavor.”Texas still has 5,000 years of love left, and we need to make a big effort to sort out the culture of love.”Li shixin said that the state should be strongly promoted by the media so that the People of Dezhou can have a stronger sense of pride, mission and responsibility in loving their hometown, and that the whole country and the world can understand, recognize, like, yearn for and support Dezhou.Flash news reporter Zhou Shumao cheng xiucheng reports