Before the death of The First Emperor of qin, there were three strange events that still cannot be explained

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Qin Shi Huang is called the “emperor of the Ages” by later generations because he was the first emperor in Chinese history to rule the whole world and made great achievements.He ended the chaos of the warring States period since the Spring and Autumn period, and unified the Chinese language, weights and measures.The Southern Expedition baiyue, the northern expedition against the Xiongnu and other great achievements.But this same emperor, who officially unified the six kingdoms in 221 BC, ruled for only a decade, and after his death the Qin dynasty collapsed, plunging China directly into war.The struggle did not end until 202 BC, when the Han Dynasty was founded.And in the year before his death, a lot of weird things happened that science has been unable to explain for 2,200 years.This is not something made up by anecdotal history, but something recorded in the authentic historical records shiji and Shizhi Tongjian.Weird because everything feels weird.The first event was the thirty-sixth year of the first Emperor (211 AD).Abnormal celestial phenomena give birth to confused visions of guarding the heart.What is obsession?Confusion is the meaning of Mars, the heart is the ancient records of the twenty-eight of the heart.We now have three stars in the constellation Scorpius, which means That Mars will stay between peridas.This event was considered very unlucky in ancient astrology, when the astrologers assigned each of the three stars of Antares to the imperial title.One star represents the emperor, and the other two represent the heir and the people.The orbit of the shadow star in the center of the Antares represents the loss of the emperor, or death.At that time, The First Emperor of Qin did die soon after the phenomenon of obsession, so it is likely that this is a harbinger of something.It is because of the death of the first emperor on the world disruption, so the later confusion to keep the heart of the phenomenon is also seen as the world is about to enter the sign of chaos.Of course in modern science it could be a coincidence, but let’s move on.The second thing is also at the same time when the phenomenon of obsession guarding mind appeared, it is when the obsession star just moved to Antares, a meteor fell from the sky and fell in the puyang area of Henan today.The landing happened to be a huge meteorite, and the local people did not know why, they went to the place where the meteorite was engraved with the words “shi Emperor died and ground points”.Although the First Emperor of Qin was furious at that time and sent his men to capture all the people nearby, he did not find out who carved it, but said it had fallen.Qin Shi Huang was furious and killed the people directly, practicing the meteorite into molten iron.But the inscription is still true.The third was that in the autumn of that year, someone gave a piece of jade to an envoy of the First Emperor of the Qin Dynasty, saying that he would give it to the first Emperor.He said, “Give this piece of jade to Lord Hoji. This year, Zulong will die. This is my condolences.”At that time, the envoy was a little confused and wanted to make detailed inquiries when the man suddenly disappeared.After returning home, the envoy gave the jade piece to Emperor Qin Shihuang and told him in detail about it.Later, Emperor Qin Shihuang examined the piece of jade carefully and found that it was the piece of jade he had thrown into the river to pay homage to the river god many years before.Surging river, in addition to the mountains and wild spirit who can go down to pick up this jade?The First Emperor of the Qin Dynasty was silent for a long time and said, “It’s just a mountain ghost with limited ability. At most, you can see things for a year. Isn’t it me that Zu Long said?In the thirty-seventh year (210 BC) of The First Emperor of qin, the dominant ruler of the whole world, died in the Dune Palace of Guzhao.All three things are true.At that time, there was no way to explain this matter. Even though people at that time did not find any results after a long time, Sima Qian still recorded it in a down-to-earth way.And it doesn’t have anything to do with ghosts, which makes it even more authentic.So how do you explain this today?