15 years of storage feitian and Maotai 15 years, which drink better, more collection value

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About this problem, even many wine friends, will have different views, wine is more aged more fragrant, but taste is also different from person to person, it is to understand the difference between the wine quality and collection value of these two kinds of wine, first of all, to understand from the root.Maotai fifteen years as maotai 15 years, 15 years is refers to the year of hoard of base liquor, use the base of old aged for 15 years, with the careful blending wine of different years, rounds, formed a unique vintage, like maotai vintage, except for 15 years, there are 30 years, 50 years, the longer the year, the higher the price, such as maotai 15 years, and in 500 ml capacity,At present the market price at 8000 yuan a bottle of, maotai 30 years, the market price in more than 18000 yuan, 50 years, up to 36000 yuan, so the price of this vintage, along with the increase of the year added value also gradually rise, stored for 15 years maotai And dominated by 15 years of flying maotai, reduces to adopt, and this year,Most appear in the liquor in the market, and time starts filling the bottles of wine, after 15 years of storage time, again become adopt, but buying from the market of bottled wine collection, and is more than a dozen years of time, the requirement for the whole storage conditions, environment, is very strict, once the improper storage,Will lead to stable wine molecules become noisy, wine volatilization, run, deterioration, thus affecting the taste of the entire wine, and collection value.Maotai taste eighty, maotai 15 years, the use of is to match the other years 15 years of base liquor, liquor blending and aging of base liquor distillery in the effect will be more stable, and can keep the original MAO fragrance, deposit and 15 years of maotai, but is likely to see what is said above, because of the harsh environment, so it is difficult to guarantee the stability of the taste, of course,However, this kind of phenomenon may not occur, but another factor, the aging effect of bottling storage can not be compared with the vintage wine, so normally speaking, maotai fifteen years of wine quality is better, but with many people tend to the taste of aged wine, so, in the taste or vary from person to person.In terms of financial property, currently on the market collect 15 years of flying maotai is not much, at the current market situation, flying within five years, each deposit more than a year, the price also only bonus of 50 yuan, but in more than a decade, additional value will be higher, but nearly two days, maotai prices rose again of 15 years, for the price of moutai fifteen years now,There is still a big price gap between the two.Also, because the collection cost of Moutai is high for 15 years, the premium phenomenon in the market is not as high as that of the aged Moutai wine with the property of scarcity. Therefore, in the aspect of collection, it depends on personal interests and the degree of capital investment.If you like the content, don’t forget to like it and share it.We’ll see you next time.