Xian division | Mr. Wu: the tree on the lancang river

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One day after class, just out of the classroom, behind catch up with a student, took my corner, pulled me to the side, gently said: “Teacher Wu, your clothes broke a hole.”I looked at my jacket. “Where is it?””If you lift your arm, you’ll see it.”I lifted my arm and found that the skirt under my shoulder was really cracked a seam. I guess she saw it when I was writing on the board.”Oh, thank you for reminding the teacher.””Nothing.”She smiled and walked away.In order to protect the image of the teacher, a child quietly told the teacher that his clothes were torn.This classmate, I know, a few days ago because of poor writing, I was told several sentences, midterm exam is not ideal, the impression of learning warm swallow swallow.Think of the students in the second school of Nanjian is not easy, the seventh grade began to learn English, the foundation is zero, the people began to learn English from primary school, to finish learning in the seventh grade a year.Should I be more patient with my classmates?After this, I pay attention to the students.Once after class, I went to the class to let the students pass, I found the word students prone to write on the wooden desk.I went over to her and saw that she was catching up on her English notes. It was written very closely, in a young but careful hand.”Teacher, I have to make up what I haven’t written down in class. My midterm exam is not ideal.””Said the student.A classmate next to her chimed in, “Teacher, do you know that she not only takes notes after class every day, but also recites English aloud when she comes back to the dorm every night?She also asked her mother to buy a small English dictionary.”She was so persistent and hardworking that I was moved again.In the following days, I tried to seize the opportunity to encourage her English study, and her English scores have greatly improved.One Saturday, our principal Yang of Nanjian No. 2 middle School took me to see lancang River more than ten kilometers away.My life as a volunteer teacher was full and busy, but sometimes I felt lonely, so he took me out to have a look.To tell the truth, as the principal of a boarding junior high school, Principal Yang has been very busy, many days off he lived in the school to work overtime.At that time, he was busy designing the layout, carving the name of the school and copying it on the lying stone to build the school farm.However, he did not forget to care about a volunteer teacher in his busy schedule, which is really grateful.Lancang River, broad water, meandering west;The two sides of the mountains stand erect, overlapping peaks, a school of nature painting screen.I saw a cluster of pines on the cliff above the river. Due to the collapse of mud and stones below, part of the roots had been suspended and exposed, and the other part of the roots, which had been suspended, turned or dipped, actually climbed into the cracks in the rocks, creating a cluster of green above.I wonder.Principal Yang said, we stand at a good Angle, so see the situation below the pine.Think about it, if there is no change of Angle, did not see the root, how can realize the growth of the pine that silent and hard?Yes, this volunteer teaching in Yunnan let me see education from multiple perspectives, and also let me realize the importance of education from multiple perspectives.Looking at students is like looking at a tree, to see or feel the root’s efforts under the soil.See, experience, you will be more understanding and patience, so as to further timely encouragement and guidance.Be sure that the student will grow into a big tree.The teachers of our brother province, Yunnan, have also quietly overcome many difficulties and built on the momentum to bring forth the green of education.They’re all trying so hard. I should try harder.That must be the inspiration of the tree.(Wu Bin, a teacher at Nanqiao Middle School affiliated to Shanghai Fengxian Middle School, is a volunteer teacher at Nanjian No. 2 Middle School in Nanjian County, Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province.)Mr. Bin Wu is approachable in life. He loves life and has good adaptability. He can quickly adapt to local living habits.In after-class activities, students are often instructed to play weiqi to enhance the understanding between teachers and students.He studies teaching carefully, often tutors students after class, and pays attention to incorporating fengxian elements into the teaching tradition of Nanjian No. 2 Middle School.He is willing to complete the work arranged by the school, actively communicate with colleagues at work, and strive to make a contribution to the development of the school.After writing his reflections on education, Mr. Wu likes to communicate with me, a Chinese teacher, which makes me think that he is a teacher who loves learning and is devoted to education.(Yang Zhengfa is the director of general affairs of Nanjian No.2 Chinese Language Group and teacher of Nanjian County, Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province.)Review: Lai Liming approved:Fengxian Education hotline working days 8:30 — 11:00 and 14:00 — 17:00021-67137151Enrollment examination hotline working days 8:30 — 11:00 and 13:00 — 16:30400-920-8761 Family education and adolescent psychological counseling hotline provides 24-hour consulting services.8:00-20:00 (click to view details) fengxian education http://www.fengxian.gov.cn/jyj weibo ID: Shanghai fengxian education