What is the difference between antigen testing and nucleic acid testing?Shenzhen Third People’s Hospital responded

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On March 14, shenzhen held a press conference on epidemic prevention and control.According to Liu Lei, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Third People’s Hospital of Shenzhen, antigen testing can be used as a supplementary method for screening specific populations, which is conducive to improving “early detection” capability, but nucleic acid testing remains the basis for confirming Novel coronavirus infection.Once the antigen test is positive, it should be reported to the relevant departments immediately and confirmed by nucleic acid test.The State Food and Drug Administration (SDA) issued a notice on Monday approving five self-testing products for the antigen of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), specifying three categories of people to be eligible for the test: first, those who have visited primary medical institutions and have symptoms such as respiratory tract and fever within five days;Second, quarantine observation personnel, including home quarantine observation, close contact and sub-close contact, entry quarantine observation, containment area and control area personnel;The third is the community residents who have the need for antigen self-detection.Liu Lei introduced, antigen detection and nucleic acid detection difference lies in the inside of the virus is gene nucleic acid, outside is a layer of protein.Nucleic acid tests are for the virus’s genes, and antigen tests are for proteins outside.Community residents who have a need for self-testing can purchase antigen testing reagents for self-testing.(Original title: “What is the difference between antigen detection and nucleic acid detection? Liu Lei’s Response”)