Chiang Mai is stronger than China?

2022-06-04 0 By

Chiang Mai’s Chinatown Spring Festival festival continues today (← click back).Friends in Chiang Mai?Did you all go to play?In the Spring Festival gala, there are dragon and lion dances, fireworks, Chinese fan dances, drumming, tea parties, experience of human tricycles and other activities.Many people have lamented, Chiang Mai this flavor, thicker than China, do you think?Chiang Mai’s 19th Chinese New Year festival was held in Chinatown (warolo Market area) from January 31 to February 2.Not only ordinary people, Chiang Mai government also attaches great importance to this Spring Festival activity.Chiang Mai Mayor Asani, Chinese Consul General In Chiang Mai Wu Zhiwu and other leaders attended the opening ceremony of the event, and kicked off the event with drums.Mayor Asani said that Chiang Mai held the Spring Festival gala under the new normal of epidemic prevention to promote the unique business and community culture of Chinatown, but also to promote the development of Tourism in Chiang Mai and explore experience for the future full opening up.Consul General Wu said that the Spring Festival event will enable more friends to appreciate the unique charm of Chiang Mai and enhance the influence of “charming Chiang Mai”. He hoped that the event will attract more overseas Chinese communities to participate in and become better and better.It is worth mentioning that Chiang Mai Mayor Asani is also a Thai of Chinese descent. He was just elected mayor of Chiang Mai last year, so he is young and promising.There are many Chinese in Chiang Mai. Most of the Early Chinese who came to Thailand were Chaoshan people, so the Chinese in Chiang Mai kept the traditional customs and culture of Chaoshan during the Spring Festival.These Spring Festival customs, is not our childhood taste of the New Year?