The US government wants five years in prison for hacking Nintendo to provide justice

2022-05-26 0 By

As previously reported, Gary Bowser, a member of Team Xecuter, was fined $4.5 million for making tens of millions of dollars in profits by “selling crack switches and toolkits.”Bowser faces up to 60 months in prison for his role in the production and sale of pirated game consoles, the GOVERNMENT said.But Bowser argued that he only needed 19 months in prison.The US government said the decision took into account “the nature and circumstances of the crime, the history and characteristics of the defendant, and the need for the sentence to reflect the seriousness of the crime, promote respect for the law, and provide a just punishment…To provide appropriate deterrence to crime, “he said, adding that Bowser should be under three years of supervision after five years.Bowser’s lawyers argued that Bowser was “the least guilty and the only defendant arrested in this indictment,” while the others escaped justice.As such, Bowser is bearing the brunt of the blame.His lawyers also played down the amount of money Bowser actually made from the piracy business. Bowser’s legal team said he made only $320,000 over seven years, while others made much more and lived a lavish lifestyle abroad.In a case that will be closely watched in the video game world, Bowser’s defense attorney acknowledged: “This was a serious violation of the law, and Nintendo has suffered significant financial losses as a result.The sentence of 19 months to the least guilty of the three accused defendants is significant when Bowser has actually served time.”The us government concluded: “This case is unlike any other criminal case the government is aware of.””Mr. Bowser deserves a higher sentence…Given that team Xecuter’s plot lasted several years, it included multiple types of circumvention devices.”Bowser also settled a civil lawsuit against him and a whopping $10 million fine from Nintendo.