One Piece King 1039 words, aunt defeat is inevitable, Kidd, Luo become the “new four emperors”

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Hello, I’m spider.One Piece of information 1039 words finally also came, as the first words after the New Year information can see that the battle of this word is very fierce.The battle between Kidd and Luo and dama has also entered a heated stage, and the subsequent plot is even likely to end with the battle of the two four emperors, and the situation of the great Voyage will be completely rewritten.First, it can be seen from the information of the sentence “Granny is defeated as a foregone conclusion” that the battle picture is described with great emphasis. It can be imagined that basically all the length of the cartoon is about the battle against heaven.Kidd and luo’s strength is really good, but aunt after all is the fourth emperor, can dominate the new world for decades her strength is not blown out of nature.In the plot of the last sentence, kidd and Luo’s attacks caused great damage to the aunt, and even made her fall into a coma.And kidd and Luo two people are still fighting at this time, it seems that they still have strength ah.Luo is arguing with Kidd about the priority of the attack, because it is Luo’s first attack that makes the aunt temporarily lose the ability to resist, and then Kidd’s attack looks like picking peaches, so Luo is very dissatisfied, and feels like he has become a supporting role.This side of Luo has never been exposed before, and seems to be in constant flight ah.As the two continued to fight, Rowe became intersex, taunting Kidd that his next move might be a hippopotamus or an elephant.The old woman woke up when the two people quarreled. Although the bones in the old woman’s body were broken, it was not a big problem for the old woman. She also used the ability that had not been shown before.Directly with their fruit ability to let bone activation quickly recovered, and the battered aunt is naturally very angry to revenge the following two people.The dama created her own lightsaber with three of the most powerful Hormitz, presumably trying to take out two people at once.Second, kidd, luo become the “new four emperors” Kidd and luo nature is not in place to be beaten, but Luo has said he only the strongest hit the strength of the estimated Kidd is also about the same, at this time the strength should have been used almost, estimated only one move of the strength.So the battle will be decided in the next move, and Kidd preemptively tries to control Dama, but he is freed by dama’s strange force and thus eats dama’s big dama cannon!Three miles!In kide life and death unknown when Luo seized the opportunity to give aunt a recruit, this recruit luo’s sword is huge and even penetrated through the whole ghost island arrived at the ground of the country, caused huge damage to aunt.Kidd was not idle, he made a huge electromagnetic gun, this is also Kidd’s last trump card.The next shot, full of wounds, the old lady vomits a big mouthful of blood, while Luo declares “your era is over”.After this, it is unlikely that the old lady will be able to stand up, and the next words will probably be the scene where Luffy really defeats Kaido, which will completely change the situation of the new world, becoming red hair, Black Beard, Luffy, Kid and the five Kings of Law.That’s all for this episode, and you can leave comments if you have different opinions.I am a small spider, a chat about animation, collection of hand do enthusiasts, like to pay attention to me, we will see you next time!Text: little spider