Feel the “Good” of “Good Shandong” with heart

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Qingdao beer, Yantai apple, Dezhou braised chicken, Fu brand E-Jiao, Zhoucun baked cakes, Haier refrigerator…Shandong good things, can not be counted;Brand building, fruitful.Shandong vigorously implements the strategy of high-quality province and brand, launches a number of agricultural products, manufacturing products, consumer products and service brands, and promotes the brand of “Good Quality Shandong” to help shandong develop high-quality and build a modern strong province with higher level and higher quality.The “good” of “Good Shandong” originates from the profound cultural deposits of Qilu.”Qilu is smart and beautiful, and people and things are beautiful.”As one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization, Shandong is rich in fruits and vegetables, rich in land and water, and rich in delicacies of mountains and seafood, which are scarce in the inland. After thousands of years of accumulation, the brilliant Qilu food culture has been bred.In recent years, Shandong has been ranked as the largest province of Chinese food and beverage. All kinds of famous snacks have become an important part of the food and beverage industry, with strong regional characteristics, craftsmanship and other production characteristics, and a large number of famous intangible cultural heritage products have emerged.Nowadays, shandong characteristic products are all over the streets and lanes, pouring into shopping malls and supermarkets, and placed on the tables of ordinary people, demonstrating the long-standing cultural confidence and contributing to the “good Shandong”.The “good” of “Good Quality Shandong” derives from the enthusiasm and simplicity of shandong people.Shandong people, nurtured by Confucian culture for thousands of years, are enthusiastic, honest and have a good sense of etiquette and propriety.”Silence is good for you” has become a label of Shandong people, the enthusiasm and simplicity of Shandong people frequently “hot search”.From college students who brought 60 kilograms of Zhanhua winter dates to their roommates, to fruit farmers who gave “free” apples to tourists in Yantai, to villagers who voluntarily donated 100,000 kilograms of cabbage, 20 tons of Onions, 31 tons of high-quality potatoes to Xi ‘an…The reason why shandong people are so generous stems from their warm and simple temperament.”Good shandong”, but also because of the enthusiasm of shandong people simple and “countless circle powder”.The “good” of “good Quality Shandong” is derived from scientific and technological innovation.Science and technology are the primary productive forces, and innovation is the primary driving force for development.Shandong is the manufacturing industry “all subjects”, not only a complete range of science and technology content, and strong innovation ability.From the world’s first high-speed maglev transportation system with a speed of 600 kilometers per hour, to the world’s first commercial diesel engine with a thermal efficiency of more than 50%, to China’s first deep-sea manned submersible “Jiaolong”, Shandong province has independently designed, developed and manufactured the country’s first intelligent snow vehicle, which has been delivered to the national team for the Beijing Winter Olympics.These are the “big country heavy articles” from Shandong.In 2022, Shandong will unswervingly strengthen scientific and technological innovation, grasp a batch of innovative technologies, build a batch of innovative platforms, strengthen a batch of innovative enterprises, and attract and cultivate a batch of innovative talents. The “Good Shandong” is full of expectations.”Good Quality Shandong” is connected with consumers and industrial development, which not only brings real “good” to consumers, but also brings real “good” to high-quality development.The heart of shandong “good product” “good,” hard “good product of shandong” brand reputation and competitiveness, let more people fall in love with shandong good things, feel the “hospitality shandong” sincerity, continue to promote mass consumption capacity, it will help speed up the formation of domestic large cycle as the main body, domestic and international new development pattern of two-cycle promote each other.(Article/Guo Xueying) CCB special qilu review, welcome to contribute!Email: qilushiping@iqilu.com;Online submission;Please follow the official weibo of Qilu Review.