Taiyuan people, hurry up and sign up!A large number of posts are “looking for people”

2022-05-22 0 By

More than half way through the Spring Festival holiday, a large number of posts have started looking for people.On February 3, taiyuan talent market sorted out and released the latest batch of jobs for job seekers to choose.These positions include: surveyor, civil engineering technician, material management personnel, quality and safety officer, steel structure detail drawing designer, with monthly salary of 4,500 to 5,999 yuan;Taiyuan talent market telemarketers, customer specialist, salary negotiable;China Construction Sixth Engineering Bureau Co., LTD. Cook, cleaning, security, monthly salary of 2000~4000 yuan;Shanxi Longcai Technology Co., LTD. Baidu operation specialist, marketing consultant, PHP website programmer, Baidu KA advertising manager, monthly salary of 4000~6000 yuan;Business and proofreading personnel, financial personnel, bookbinding personnel, monthly salary 3000~4499 yuan;Taiyuan Jingying Safe Manufacturing Co., LTD. Office clerk, mechanical/mechanical engineer, cashier (or accountant), salary negotiable;Shanxi Hangkai Technology and Trade Co., LTD. Finance, technology (project manager), business, salary negotiable;Shanxi Shengyuan Property (state-owned property) Property customer service, high voltage, low voltage electrician, property concierge, monthly salary 2000-4499 yuan;Human Resources Specialist, Director of Procurement and Supply Department, System engineer, Assistant director of physics and chemistry, Office director, Mechatronics specialist, equipment maintenance specialist, salary negotiable;Shanxi Wanxing Industrial Group Co., LTD. Electrical engineer, administrative specialist, training lecturer, administrative front desk, civil construction budget officer, civil construction engineer, personnel director, good salary.On the 8th and 9th day of the 1st lunar month in 2022, the large-scale recruitment fair for graduates that has lasted for 19 years will be held once again. Now, there are more than 10,000 positions submitted for recruitment details, including administrative and logistics personnel 1123, technical and R&D personnel 891, accounting personnel 1407, sales and management personnel 3067, education and training personnel 482, manufacturing technical personnel 579Construction machinery 743 computer and Internet 772 More positions can be found at www.tyrc.com.cn or follow the official wechat “TyrCDSC”.Taiyuan talent market introduction, all recruitment unit certificates after strict audit, job seekers can rest assured.Source: Taiyuan Daily Shanxi Daily Editor: Tang Hua li Lin