Original god: Can surpass the walnut fire main C?The mechanisms are different and not comparable

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The king of penholder in the game makes a living by playing games every day and has been playing online games for 20 years. I have my own unique opinion. As an old player who has been playing for 10 years, if there is any problem with the article, please respray it!If you feel good, please forward some likes!Thank you very much!Can the original god transcend the walnut’s fire system?The mechanics are different and not comparable!It was said earlier that full life smoke goblin damage exceeds Walnut!In fact, these two characters can’t touch each other, the mechanics are different, smoke gobana is continuous fire damage output, walnut is burst output, the big world smoke gobana is very comfortable, abyss also need walnut.However, WHEN I play big world, I use smoke gobana instead of walnut, even though the strength of smoke gobana is not as good as walnut, mainly because big world smoke gobana feels more comfortable.A lot of people are going to get a Max life buff, wondering which is better, 4 Max life vs. 5 Max life.In fact, no other fire c can touch porcelain walnut, even 0 life walnut.And now the holy relics and weapons are matched for five stars, four stars can only drink soup, so it is the general trend of the star C, four stars can only serve as the most auxiliary C.Diluc is ok with smoking goatfish damage, not even walnut.Smoke goblin life can be 4W ~ 5W after hit vaporizing critical hit, I 0 life walnut, and pu kite, hit vaporizing a critical hit 5W ~ 8W.There is no need to have a goatfish with 5 star C.Now thunder with Euler, Walnut next fill a life, and then smoke the bell from the line autumn, Hu Xing zhong a team, Thor Euler Bennett a team, 4 stars after all is 4 stars.There’s never going to be a 5% rise in smoke abyss, because if it’s lower than 5 it doesn’t show the exact number, I don’t know how much it is, personally I think it’s stronger, and the rise of the abyss is also much higher, and it’s possible to get a gold foil boost.In fact, the four-star master C is not worth practicing, in addition to the condensation, hu Xing zhong team no. 4 abbedo can also use her group of double rock resonance, in the vacuum period to fill the damage.Graduation light EQEA heavy hit, that set of damage is also very high.And the original god’s main C life is not recommended to fill, in addition to walnut can fill a life outside.The best thing you should do is to pay attention to secondary and secondary C, and supplement the key signs, such as Thor 2 lives, Wanye 1 2 lives, etc., primary C will be eliminated sooner or later, while secondary and secondary C will not.Thor you have, the next clock from will not smoke, there may be in 2.5 half of the wanye.Five star Lei Wan Zhong, four star incense class.These six men pulled.For the rest, you can watch XP and take Barbara as a C.Advice from level 59 players.You don’t have to go for 4 stars, it doesn’t matter.There are yaeba god son and Thor in 2.5, these two are confirmed.Wanye unknown, if wanye also card pool.Can you handle your wallet?Thor ii has been greatly improved, exceeding the exclusive martial arts upgrade.In fact, all four star master C, coagulation full life, holy relics do well!Very comfortable, preferably with a bell, Bennett, other background output to do one such as Thor, Abedo (pure rock shield uncomfortable).Thor, Wind god is the best in the world, Thor E, Wendy Q, quick little monster, big monster Thor open Q finish.My current cast around the world is Zhong, Qin, Wen, Thunder.