The old lady drove a “three-wheeled convertible” on the street, resembling a watermelon worm, and the roof opened and closed automatically

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As the saying goes: mass entrepreneurship, mass innovation, but now it has evolved into manufacturer innovation, model reform, as we all know, since the rectification of non-motor vehicles, the performance of all aspects have been adjusted, in fact, this has a great impact on manufacturers and car sales.Corrective non-motor vehicles, of course, sure, the benefits of security at the university of California at San Diego, accident is less, this for ordinary people, but very good welfare, however, is bitter all mass production of motor vehicle manufacturers, but manufacturers in the talent is, since performance according to the country’s strict requirements to production, cannot be changed.Manufacturers have to mind in other ways, non-motor vehicles, although the maneuverability is strong, also need not looking like a car parking Spaces, however, the disadvantage is that can’t shelter from the rain, especially in rainy day, and winter, ride electric vehicles is a disaster and pain, so many people who love to ride electric vehicles, has, on this matter is even troubles.There are shortcomings, there are business opportunities, who can change the shortcomings, who can get benefits, this is not, there are a lot of manufacturers began to spend ideas here, winter for electric vehicles to launch windshields, rainy days and anti-canopy, to tell the truth, these humanized design, but also by the people’s love.Electric car manufacturers see the interests of this aspect, natural also want to share his a cup of soup, since the car is their own factory production, then simply add a canopy for the electric car directly, so that the electric car and canopy can be bundled at the same time, but also improve the price of electric car, simply not too cool.However, direct installation of anti-canopy, electric vehicles will appear not grade, use up some inconvenient, rainy day is good, if a lot of rain!Do I have to cover it up, too?The talent of the manufacturer, the brain turns, simply make it convertible type directly, resemble high-grade sports car same, want to use of time, can set up, do not want to use shrink go in.Recently, On February 9, in hebei street, there is a “three-wheeled god car”, the car looks like a watermelon bug, parked on the roadside, caused a lot of people’s attention, there are many pedestrians, and passing people will stare at a while, I think, curious things, always attract a group of people.Of course, in my opinion, this tricycle is a bit like a car beetle, the appearance is a bit tacky, but the old lady driving the beetle on the road, not to mention really cool, especially the shell can be freely retractable, exactly like a convertible.After the video was released on the Internet, it aroused hot discussion among netizens, and netizens also praised it: Then some netizens joked: “Small and cool, hurry to open a group”, the god car passed by, and then especially bright, like a caterpillar, it feels very funny and has a sense of science and technology!Hahahaha, this is a convertible battery sports car, god turtle.Net friend kongcheng said: this is not a caterpillar, this is a big sister.Netizen Yangguang said: “People don’t say dark words, I envy, I also want a car.Another added: ‘My uncle has a car.Small poem view: electric tricycle is a good car, the idea is also very unique, the design is also very humane, use, I also feel that the problem is not big, at least observation aunt in the use of the convertible, and driving on the road, there is no problem at all.But there are specific safety risks, this should be circled to focus on thinking, of course, as long as the license plate, I think there is no problem, after all, a good tricycle, if there are safety risks, open on the road may also cause some traffic accidents.The individual feels, however, the car should be better than mounted to the canopy and wind prevention, at least he is the original factory production, must install very strong, won’t have a risk of loss, don’t know, what good is your opinion about electric tricycle, or do you have any good Suggestions, can leave a message in the comments section, communicate together.