We care about foreign investors and tide over the difficulties of the epidemic

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Since March, the situation of COVID-19 rebounding has been severe. Currently, the city is carrying out isolation control in Pudong and Puxi and launching a new round of screening, which has temporarily slowed down the fast-paced economic and social development of The city.Recently, the Municipal government has issued a series of policies benefiting the people and enterprises. In particular, the General Office of the Municipal Government has issued a number of Policies and Measures in Shanghai to Fight the Epidemic and Help Enterprises Promote Development. The 21 policies and measures are full of dry goods, bringing warmth to the enterprises of the city to tide over the “reverse cold”!However, we have to be clearly aware that given the current trend of the epidemic, the “turning point” of the epidemic has not yet emerged, the recovery period of Shanghai’s economy is still unclear, and the majority of enterprises still need to be prepared to continue to “suspend” and cooperate with the epidemic prevention.As a lawyer in a foreign-related law firm, what impressed me most in my work is that quite a number of foreign-invested enterprises in Shanghai, like state-owned, private and small and medium-sized enterprises in Shanghai, are also suffering from the “suffering” of rebounding from the epidemic and the “helpless” of production and suspension of epidemic prevention and control.It is understood that Shanghai’s containment measures have begun to have a significant impact on the city’s logistics and retail foreign enterprises.Japanese airlines, including ANA and JAL, canceled cargo flights scheduled for March 28 to Shanghai, according to media reports.Fast Retailing currently has 87 Uniqlo stores in Shanghai;LAWSON has also temporarily closed about 300 stores in locked-down areas of Shanghai;Tesla’s Shanghai plant will stop production for four days;Mitsubishi Electric’s elevator factory in Shanghai responded by cutting operating rates, and so on.Although the parent companies of these foreign-invested enterprises are all overseas, they are still actively responding to the prevention and control measures of the city. During the communication with them, I deeply felt their high trust and support for the municipal government, and I believe they will be able to tide over this crisis.But at the same time, they are eager to get the necessary care and support, especially to timely understand a series of prevention and control measures and policies of the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government.However, due to cultural and language communication barriers, it is difficult for foreign executives in Shanghai to know and understand the Chinese version of the prevention and control measures and policies introduced in Shanghai at the first time.To this, we integrated the firm best foreign-related legal services team, set up resistance to disease, special work team of professional senior partner of law concerning foreign affairs, there is also a senior account manager, as well as Europe and the United States and Japan expert advisers, and Tokyo, wuhan, dalian, the backbone of the Tokyo branch, such as colleagues, cooperate with each other, together.Through various channels at home and abroad, we are following the national and municipal epidemic prevention and control information every day, and keeping abreast of the adjustment of community-level epidemic prevention measures. We are doing our best to make a Foreign language version of the latest anti-epidemic News as soon as possible and publish it on our official wechat account.In order to ensure the timeliness of the policy release, the team had to work overtime, work hard night and translate documents. We hope that through our own efforts, we can appease the anxiety of foreign enterprises and foreigners in the city, and contribute to the stability of business and the protection of the business environment at the critical stage of epidemic prevention and control in the city!As a matter of fact, Rigg Institute has been working on the release of the epidemic situation since the beginning of the Outbreak of the Epidemic in the Spring Festival of 2020. At first, this work was just an “improvisatory idea”, but it has persisted for nearly three years.We focus on the policies related to the outbreak of change, from epidemic prevention and control, to return to work and production, from the immigration policy, to the business environment, any information which is closely linked with the foreign enterprises, we are the first time learning, analysis, extraction, and translating in their reading comprehension of words, will be the essence of the key points of policy and law interpretation, timely transfer to foreign companies.According to statistics, since 2020, Rigg wechat public account has published more than 250 related information, read 300,000 times!Since the beginning of March 2022, more than 20 articles have been published and read 70,000 times!After the release of the information, every time we received the feedback and thank you from foreign friends, our whole team felt very gratified and moved, and felt that all the efforts and efforts were worth it!Recently, folk lyrics are very warm: “Hold temporary sad, spring warm always bloom”!I think this epidemic is a real test for Shanghai, an international metropolis. There is no standard answer, only exploration in the face of difficulties.To complete this answer sheet, it needs the joint efforts of every Shanghai citizen.As a foreign-related law firm, Rigg will try its best to give full play to its advantages and help the Party and government care for the needs and demands of foreign investors, so as to tide over the epidemic together!I believe that as long as we stick together to defend Shanghai, we will win the battle against the epidemic.