Aksu procurator: “sitting” into the village, dragged seven years of debt was eventually recovered

2022-05-17 0 By

Each month, several men in uniform appear in The village of Yukaktigan.When they show up, they gather a lot of villagers.Originally, this is the prosecutor into the village to carry out the rule of law propaganda, and “sitting” for the masses to clear up doubts and doubts.In 2015, a villager named Wu lent 15,000 yuan to Hu in Aksu City. After repeated requests, Hu always dragged the money back for different reasons.Villager my mou ever ask the other side to repay through judicial way, think is friend, take things too hard face, have not been able to wish to return this debt.Recently, the “Red Apple” volunteer service team of Aksu People’s Procuratorate, Palhati, learned of this situation and took the initiative to intervene during a legal publicity campaign in Yukaktigan village.But seven years later, how do you start?Parhati feels that if the incident is not properly handled, it will have a negative impact on social justice and the village spirit.Parhati in the visit party, after inquiring insiders, detailed understanding of the debt process.Parhati called me many times to ask for arrears, but Hu still did not give.Person finally, go to find Hu Mou, conduct face-to-face interpretations reasons things out, to solvent to borrow money, also not need to bear the legal consequences, and inform us off a difficult life, finally in front of legal culture, Hu Mou realized his mistake, immediately agreed to repay loans, and entrust parr hatti give us a back $15000 loan.Next, aksu city people’s procuratorate will continue to consolidate deepen the party history study achievements of education, to serve the overall situation, serve the masses as the goal, to provide “zero distance” legal service for the masses, strive to do a good job in procuratorial work for the people “, through the franco-prussian propaganda activities, legal consulting assistance, resolving social contradictions, love, minors, etc.,Give full play to the positive role of the “Red Apple” volunteer service team in social governance, and contribute to the construction of aksu’s rule of law.Source | Aksu Procurator/Aksu Procurator Correspondent | Yang Jiwei, Xinjiang Procurator Affairs Media Center