The latest return to Kunshan policy!Quick check list

2022-05-16 0 By

The Spring Festival holiday is coming to the last day. Looking back on the past 7 days, except for the increasing weight and gradually shriveled wallet, I have enjoyed the happy time with my family. As the holiday is coming to an end, many people have returned to Kunshan or are preparing to return to Kunshan.I assure you: Yes!Where do nucleic acid tests take place?The latest and most complete!Kunshan nucleic acid detection sampling site information to meet after returning to the citizens of kunduz new crown nucleic acid testing requirements for citizens to understand the city nucleic acid detection sampling distribution service point wrong peak detection, reasonable diversion kunshan 32 will be oriented to the public 24 hours coronavirus nucleic acid detection sampling service point, a court, city hospital of traditional Chinese medicine on February 8 – on February 26, is responsible for the high-speed railway kunshan station, kunMountain railway station sampling points in the original 24 hours in hospitals for the social public nucleic acid sample point closed temporarily please citizens choose sampling point nearby transportation operations for the convenience of the nucleic acid sample point (for terminal from other provinces to return to kunshan no nucleic acid report staff 48 hours) high-speed kunshan south railway station square, north square south, high-speed rail station yangcheng lake, south railway station square,Nucleic acid testing and sampling service points will be set up in the south Passenger bus Station. Nucleic acid sampling services will be provided for people returning to Kunshan from other provinces (without nucleic acid reports within 48 hours), and the whole process will be provided according to the arrival time of the last bus.