“Pound practice son” : not for pound clothes frequently don’t sleep, break tonight night such as year

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Boudoir think woman’s heart, the most is long.It may be difficult for modern people to understand the feelings of the ancients. With the rapid development of science and technology, people can miss someone at any time, or even use the fastest way to go to the scene, but for the ancients, these are impossible.All they can do is miss.Long and long thoughts.Every day, every minute, every second, soaked in someone deeply missing.He Zhu’s “Tamping Lian Zi”, its theme is boudoir think of the woman: anvil face jaded, pestle sound together, tamping on the clothing tears ink.Send to Yuguan should wanli, the garrison still in the west of Yuguan.Oblique moon, before the north wind, million pestle thousands of anvil tamping to wear.Not to pound clothes often don’t sleep, break tonight night such as years.Near Dunhuang, Gansu province, there is a pass called Yumen Pass.Green all over the river south of the spring breeze, green but Yumenguan.Yumenguan, the name of the United States magnificent, but actually let thousands of ancient people heartbroken.In the middle and late period of the Northern Song Dynasty, the Western Xia and qiang people frequently attacked and fought in the border area year after year.Tens of thousands of Chinese were drafted into the army to defend their country, and the women who stood behind the red-blooded men were the counterpoint.They were left behind, safe for now, but also badly missed.Not only that, but many of them have to take care of their families and fulfill their duties to their parents in place of absent husbands.If they have children, they suffer even more.It also explains why most of the work is done at night.If you do your laundry late at night, you’re going to get complaints from people around you, maybe even your neighbors.But in ancient times, for a long time, people dealt with clothes at night, whether it was lamping, mending or making clothes, it was all done by moonlight.Chang ‘an a month, ten thousand pound clothes sound.Those of you who don’t know will think it’s beautiful, so beautiful that you want to cry.However, in “Tamping Lian Zi”, he Zhu shows that tamping clothes is a very serious social problem — thousands of men are far away from their native land, and countless boudoir can only tamp clothes and tears in the long night.Sound pound clothes, ying Ying powder tears, the heart of the people are not around, but also worried about his food and clothing.Think of this new clothes, sent to Yuguan, can shield him from wind and cold, even if not together, is also a heavy heart.However, the garrison remains in the west of Yuguan.The clothes she pestles and pestles, can they be sent out smoothly, can they get there all the way, and can they finally be safely embraced by her sweetheart?The garrison remained outside Yuguan.She did not know, she did not know.But she could not bring herself to put down her tamper.Anvil face jadeite, pestle sound.And was this her case alone?Second, breaking and smashing clothes is a social problem.Tamping clothes is really a personal problem.Thousands of households, is the whole.A family is an individual.When the camera zooms out and focuses on a specific figure, we see the following scene: under the slanting moon, in front of the north wind, thousands of pestles and anvils are ramming through.All know that iron pestle can be ground into a needle, and a few people know, thousands of pestle thousands of anvil taste.Most of the repeated and repeated movements, do for a long time, it is hard to avoid a monotonous feeling, also hard to avoid the heart of boredom.But this kind of action, however, has a special advantage, that is, people can let loose their thoughts.Because there is no thought, the mind can naturally swing to and fro.Or, to think of nothing, to become a hollow man, a tool man.Someone who knows nothing but simple, repetitive movements.Pound the clothes, pound the clothes.The dim light of the slanting moon is just right for this thousand pestle and thousand anvil.The howling of the north wind is suitable for the mind to swing, or numbness.How to dissolve the long night?Not to pound clothes often don’t sleep, break tonight night such as years.Some people will say, can you really pound clothes as a way to kill time, is such a method, really useful?However, for an ancient girl, her social circle is pitiful, even if she can go out, everyone is very much the same situation, how much better?When there is no method, the method at hand is the best method.There is no way to the way, most of the time, not to reveal the effectiveness of the method, but the helplessness of life and reality of cruelty.Conclusion The popular scene in song Ci is the Qin Lou Chu pavilion.In this regard, the description of “Tamping Lian Zi” is too realistic.Even, it’s hard to look at.Most of the world only saw that Sifu cared about her husband and prepared cold clothes for her family in a distant land, but He Zhu found a new way and entered their inner world.Therefore, the action of tamping clothes has other meaning, that is, “constantly tamping clothes often don’t sleep, break tonight night such as year”.As a straight man of five or three rough, he Zhu is probably just a rough man in the eyes of the time, but the truth of the fact is so surprising.Obviously, he Zhu’s heart is extremely delicate, and even there is no lack of tenderness rarely seen in men.Only such thoughts and vision, to pay attention to boudoir in the woman unknown side.He Zhu is undoubtedly speaking for millions of women, giving voice to their emotions that they do not know or have never been aware of.It is indeed the voice of an age, but it is the voice of millions of women themselves.Under the slanting moon, before the north wind.Thanks to He Zhu, this voice did not drift away, but through the dust of long history, straight to countless years later, a face shocked us.