Lawyer Li Sheng arrived in Kaifeng and opened live broadcast with a high profile. There must be new progress in the case of mistaken exchange

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As a plaintiff’s lawyer, Mr Lee has always come across as calm and wise.During two court trials last year, his character trait left a deep impression on netizens who followed the exchange case.Especially in the 9.18 trial, he sagely asked and answered the river pharmacy unruly “four golden flowers”, quietly forced them to discombobulate, in panic since broken lies, its wonderful degree is not lost in Hong Kong TV drama “Legal Net tenderness” court debate plot.After the trial on September 18, there was little information about li Sheng’s wrongful exchange case on the Internet. Some netizens thought that this was because Du complained to the Beijing Bar Association against him for releasing “unverified false information such as swapping life”, which was restrained by the Beijing Bar Association.Some netizens thought it was because he was scared to show his face online after being attacked by Netizens.Some netizens said it was because the new law stipulates that lawyers cannot hype the case…All kinds of opinions seem to have some truth, but the author thinks that the main reason why Lawyer Li Sheng rarely appears after September 18 is that one is due to his good quality and cultivation, one is due to some changes in his family, so that he has no time to reply to the netizens’ concerns about the right and wrong case change.Before becoming a lawyer, Li Sheng worked as a cardiovascular physician and worked in a hospital in Zhuzhou, Hunan province for nine years.A doctor is a very rigorous job. An excellent doctor not only needs to have rich medical knowledge and considerable clinical experience, but also must have a calm and calm good psychological quality, because any wrong judgment of the doctor is fatal to the patient.Therefore, years of medical career has cultivated his calm personality, which is the main reason why he keeps a low profile even when he is full of achievements in his work.In addition, on the New Year’s Day of this year, Lawyer Li Sheng opened a live broadcast, in which he talked about the death of his father. He had been immersed in pain for several months without any special circumstances. He did not even go to Beijing, but stayed in his hometown most of the time.Li Sheng’s eyes were wet when he spoke of his father.Everyone has their own sour, sweet, bitter and hot behind the light wind and light clouds, li Sheng is no exception.This may be the real reason why Lawyer Li Sheng rarely appeared on the Internet after the September 18 trial.At the beginning of the New Year, Lawyer Li Sheng flew to Kaifeng from Beijing and broadcast the whole process with a high profile. It seems that the wrong exchange case has made new progress. The dynamic of Lawyer Pan Ke and Lawyer Li Sheng is a barometer of the progress of the wrong exchange case.9.18 after the trial, for several months, has not seen the two lawyers have any dynamic, netizens even worry in my heart wants to know the result of the trial, however, according to the analysis of the dynamics of two lawyers everyone know the year of the tiger is not what the results before the Spring Festival, not surprisingly, the wrong in case the parties had steady annual!After the Lantern Festival, Lawyer Li Sheng flew from Beijing to Kaifeng, and this time with a high profile, live broadcast the whole way.From the live broadcast, we can see that Lawyer Li Sheng is full of spirit, high – spirited, a look of complete.In the live broadcast, although Lawyer Li Sheng did not mention half of the words about the wrong exchange case, but from his spirit, the majority of netizens can feel that the wrong exchange case has entered a new stage, and has made decisive new achievements.Lawyer Li Sheng specially went to the Temple of Bao Gong in Kaifeng to pay homage to Bao Qingtian, whose implication is obvious.Before a long time, the network has a “nurse xu min and du aunt reconciliation”, “Yao Wei dropped” rumors, although these rumors are no root of water, less than for the letter, but every day surrounded by similar rumors, Xu Minfang have nothing to give such rumors and strong back, support nurse xu min of heart will be broken!Now, the high-profile appearance of Lawyer Li Sheng, shows that the case has been in an orderly way, those rumors are dispelled.Spring has come, can the truth of the wrongful exchange case be far behind?(The pictures in this article come from the network, the infringement must be deleted, the original is not easy, plagiarism is declined)