It’s so good I’m gonna pass out

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Today, I want to share with you a seafood and green onion cake that often appears in Korean dramas!In the past, when watching Korean dramas, I was most interested in fried chicken, instant noodles and army pot, perhaps this small seafood cake.Watching the aunts in the TV series to prepare a pan, ten minutes can be easily done, a thick layer of waiting for the family to go home to eat, feel great!This cake I think in the outside of the Korean restaurant, one should sell at least 20 or 30 bar, in fact, their own thief to save money, but also according to your preferences put a variety of different ingredients.Fragrant crisp and seafood, just dip in a small sauce are super delicious, and people who love to eat Onions and do not love to eat Onions are rushed!!1. Prepare the ingredients: Cut the spring onion into long pieces, splitting it in two or dividing it into three.Green and red pepper amount;Shrimp to shrimp line wash;Squid wash slightly cut;Dice the lunch meat.2. Prepare a batter, low gluten flour: starch: water ratio of 1:1:4:2, with egg whisk until smooth and without particles, add a little salt to mix well.I used a small bowl that I usually eat to measure, so I can make about 3 of them.3. Heat a little oil in a saucepan and pour in a thin layer of batter.When the bottom of the batter is slightly set, turn the heat to low and spread as evenly as possible over the spring Onions, luncheon meat, shrimp, squid, and chilli rings. Sprinkle a little bit of batter over the surface to help it stick.Finally, beat the batter with an egg so that the vegetables and seafood are basically stuck to the top of the pie.4. Flip the seafood cake when the bottom is cooked through and can be easily shaken in the pan without sticking.Turn and cook on low heat for 3 minutes, turn again, fry the bottom until golden brown and serve.5. Make a sauce: 2 TBSP light soy sauce +1 TBSP vinegar +1/3 TBSP oyster sauce +1/3 TBSP sugar +1 TBSP water +1-2 small rice spicy +1 TBSP green onion, ginger and garlic +1 TBSP white sesame seeds, stir well.If you find it difficult to flip, you can put a plate on the pan to make it, so that it will not tip over.The seafood and other side dishes can be changed according to your preference, such as carrots, oysters, etc., and they all taste delicious!!