American football star, working in the cafeteria after retirement: it’s a valuable job!

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What do all those professionals who once played football and earned millions of dollars do after they retire?Jared Veldheer, 34, is a former NFL player who spent 11 years as a professional football player with five teams.After retiring in 2020, he took a part-time job at a middle school cafeteria in Michigan to kill time.He works from 7:45 am to 1:30 PM, preparing lunches for the school’s more than 170 eighth graders.At $15 an hour, it’s a far cry from what he used to make, but Jared loves it!Jared says he chose the job because he has been interested in cooking since he was a child and has boasted that he is creative with it.If he didn’t like his mother’s sandwich, he would try to make it himself.It all started at a parents’ meeting.Jared, whose two children attend the school, came to the school to find out that they were looking for staff in the canteen.After he talked to the cafeteria staff about his ideas on nutrition for middle school lunches, they decided to hire Jared for a try.Every morning around 7:45, Jared would come to the school cafeteria and start preparing lunch for the students.Jared took his job seriously, even though it was just for school.After taking office, he brought his own oven and other more professional cooking utensils from home.He also developed a new menu for the school, broke with chicken nuggets, hamburgers, pizza and potato chips these traditional American fast food is given priority to lunch, on the basis of these traditional lunch, also joined the freshly do health food “he wanted to give our children to eat beans, carrots, cabbage and cauliflower these, we all wonder at the beginning, which children will eat this?”Despite being questioned, these lunches have slowly been well received since their launch.The former football player, who is 6 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 321 pounds, loves the sight of him when he arrives at the restaurant.He would tell them that he had prepared it especially for them, and that many children thought that if they ate his food, they would become as strong as he was!Speaking with pride about his job, Jared said: ‘What seems like an unglamorous job is actually very rewarding and giving your kids a healthy and delicious lunch is a very valuable thing.'”In this day and age when so many kids are eating fast processed junk food, being able to make them a good lunch every day is something that’s really meaningful to me and that’s what I do in this job.”Maybe in the future we will try to introduce more nutritious food with scientific formula.Article from hundred number “Zoetrope fun more”, strictly prohibit any commercial handling or plagiarism.For more interesting information, please click “follow” author above