The World 40: Catch up and be cheated

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Soon, is the Spring Festival to the year, Zheng Juan at home cleaning, will be hanging on the wall of the Zhou family photo, take down wipe, looking at the photo of the family, mixed feelings, inevitably sad.After Sun Xiaoning went to Shenzhen, do real estate sales, it is to make some money, know zhou jia Lao died, specially sent one thousand dollars to Zheng Juan.Zheng Juan refused to, Sun Xiaoning threw the envelope of money on the water tank ran away, Zheng Juan can not, give the money to Zhou Bingkun, let him go back.Sun Catch up has been in the erqi street range work, inadvertently helped a shoe factory vice president, the other side to see his character, the liberation of the shoes in the factory to sell him first, then give him ten points.Sun Jiaotou felt that this work earned about the same as erqi Street, but the victory was easy, so he set up a stall.When Zhou Bingkun found Sun Qiaoshi, he learned that Sun Xiaoning did earn a lot in Shenzhen. As soon as he came back, he gave Sun Qiaoshi and his mother one thousand dollars each. Zhou Bingkun was no longer kind and took the money.On the third day of the lunar New Year, several small friends gathered together as usual.Qiao Chunyan thought that Lv Chuan and Tang Xiangyang would not attend this time, let the big guys forget them, did not think the words just fell, Lv Chuan and Tang Xiangyang together.Lv Chuan had been in Beijing for a long time, and he was already in the habit of shaking hands when they met.Qiao Chunyan was so unfamiliar that she changed to embrace and kiss, and the atmosphere soon became active.Qiao Chunyan learned that Lv Chuan is deputy cadres, let him say that they stay in the future of the fate of jichun people.Lv Chuan knows that the country must have a big action, pain is inevitable, but it is good to survive this period.The National Day thinks lv chuan’s current level is really much higher than them, he can’t hear those, only know his father died of oppression, and the current situation of the light film is very poor, there is no change in more than 40 years, only more and more crowded.National Day because of father’s death, have gas have no place to scatter, this meeting on wine table all blunt Lyuchuan lose his temper, return the table to lift.Lv Chuan did not expect his special trip for four or five days, to attend the party, would be like this.Zhou Bingkun pointed out that the National Day is not right, not because of their own unhappy people, people did not invite him, did not provoke him, his gas in vain.Lv Chuan not with national general knowledge, accompanied by Zhou Bingkun back to the hotel.Zhou Bingkun and Tang Xiangyang wanted to talk to Lv Chuan in the hotel, but Lv Chuan is not happy, The National Day can spread the fire out, and he is in this position, there are words can not say, can only adjust themselves.Zhou Bingkun asked Lu Chuan what happened, Lu Chuan refused to say, just tell Zhou Bingkun, Zhou Bingyi know this matter.National Day regret just on the wine table of Lv Chuan inappropriate action, specially to Zhou Bingkun home, want to let Zhou Bingkun take him to apologize to Lv Chuan.When Zhou Bingkun took the National Day turn, Lv Chuan has left the hotel, two people had to return without success.Qiao Chunyan did not want to move out of the dormitory, with Cao Debao on Zhou Bingkun’s home, asked him to help in front of Zhou Bingyi say hello, as long as Zhou Bingyi said a word, can solve their family.Zhou Bingkun is very embarrassed, made it clear that he can not manage it, the government is not their home, Zhou Bingyi can not break the rules, let Cao Debao go to a class, two people’s wages add up to a lot, can go out to rent a room.Qiao Chunyan was angry, that Zhou Bingkun is not willing to help, took Cao Debao a face unhappy to go.Zhou Bingkun can not help but feel that he is a failure, like is owed big guy, who should help, and these things, should not have opened.Zheng Juan felt Zhou Bingkun in a bad mood, play good water, let Zhou Bingkun bubble, she felt that even if life as poor as others, the couple will not be noisy, because Zhou Bingkun never compared with others, just do their own.Catch up and sell rubber shoes for a period of time, the effect is not big, heard shenzhen someone to a large number of rubber shoes, think each other is a big customer do not want to miss, so find Zhou Bingkun to xiaoning to the one thousand dollars, and their one thousand pieces together one-third of the advance to the shoe factory, but did not expect that he is on the shenzhen side when.Zhou Bingkun know that this is not only lost money, but also prison, offered to find Zhou Bingyi to discuss.