Yuan Ziyue: persistence can wear the rock, love can be worth years

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Shude Middle School Ningxia Campus, Grade 2019, Class 9 Yuan Ziyue Winter Olympic Games.After 2000, the young athletes won the gold and silver MEDALS, stunning the audience.After cheering, people can not help asking: is what cast this brilliant?Answer: love for drive, hard work as the basis, break the limit, the achievement of dreams.Love is “starry sky and moral law”, and the perspiration driven by love is the earth bearing all possibilities.Driven by love and based on hard work, the stage of glory is thus built.A “play” word, all su Yiming crazy.Love is a kind of attachment, it is the propellant for the sustainable investment of one’s love.Mr. Xu Yuanchong, a famous Chinese translator, has been working hard for decades. Responsibility and mission have supported his lifelong struggle for translation. Love is the courage and driving force for him to take on the burden.A “play” word, according to the game on the carefree romantic.Love is a kind of verve, a peaceful state of mind to put down the burden and enjoy yourself.Because of love, the “race for the deer” between the strong players in the ski competition is more like a “release journey” to show themselves, and “gold, silver and bronze” is secondary.Driven by love, it is easier to fly to the top of the clouds if the heavy burden has been removed.Love makes the process more important than the result, and makes the noise imposed on the result as light as a feather.Your arena, my arena.Show with sincere love, calm and confident, shining.Efforts to lay a foundation for the dream, the state of mind for the glory of the crown, “no limits” to lead you to break vertical and horizontal barriers, achievement of your years can not be taken away without the crown of glory.”Afraid to give their own limits, let me keep moving forward”, write not guelingling young frivolous.In the final of the Winter Olympics, she resolutely refused her mother’s proposal and completed a dream “1620” reverse attack to win the gold medal.Cheers, who saw her face may be the failure of the “ren ren, also what complaints” willingly.She doesn’t want to be “defined.” “I want to keep presenting more of myself,” so she seamlessly switches between being a full-time student, a model and a professional skier, excelling in each.Who knows her courage and fearlessness when she dares to break the conventional wisdom? She is herself first, and then “Gu Ailing”.Youth is a meadow, not a lawn, an ocean, not a pond.Youth is always breaking boundaries and forging new milestones with the fire of youth.Things have sweet and bitter, taste knowledge;There is danger, the shoe knows.Because of love, so no demand;Because there is no need, so there is no regret;Because there is no regret, so fearless.Fearless in innovation, fearless in change, fearless in the long years, fearless in a new stage.I do not know the road ahead what boundless, only know baizhuanqianhui to have hardened into steel;I do not know what the journey is long, only fire in the heart, to have light in the eyes, can challenge the limit, the achievement of dreams.Fate is like a rock.But persistence wears through a rock, and love wears away years.Life is a stretch, dream and love.