West Brom v Preston West Brom in the Championship, the last round of success, can continue this win?

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West Brom v Preston West Brom were relegated last season and are currently fifth in the league.The team’s main formation against strong and weak teams is 343/3421, both of which are flexible and can play both defence and attack.The team is mainly in the middle of the penetration attack, strong counter-attack ability, so the midfield and wingback requirements are particularly high.In the last five games, the 3-0 win over Peterborough United in the last round of the league, the success of the rebound has been restored, leading striker Avram Grant took the opportunity to break the drought in the last round.So far, the league has not lost at home, and it is the only team in the Current English Championship to remain unbeaten at home (winning rate of 61.5%). It is very powerful. In the first 27 rounds of the league, the defensive line has finished 12 times of zero shutouts, and the defensive quality (average loss of 0.74 goals) ranks the first in the English Championship.West Brom are favourites for promotion this season, but their attacking efficiency is lower than expected and they are the worst in the top six.Preston have spent the last two seasons languishing in the bottom half of the league, underpromoted and above relegation.They have lost just one of their last six games, but Preston’s biggest problem is their lack of ability away from home, which is currently fourth from bottom in the Championship with a win rate of 23.1%.The team is slow and inefficient in scoring, failing to score in half of the last 10 away games. The main striker, Rhys, has scored only one goal in the past two months and has a cold foot.Preston have been ok lately, but the home side have been a big part of it, and it’s not to be trusted away from home.The plate was now up to one goal conceding, and the home team was not expected to break through because of the visitors’ rare experience of defeat.Master wins bo to flat more events please pay attention to, youyo steady single