There are two of us in the body

2022-05-09 0 By

I don’t know what’s wrong with me. It’s like I have two of myself in my body.One self is always trying to protect another self.In the face of a complex world, one tells the other to be less naive, and the other refuses to grow up.To tell you the truth, they all have a hard time.In fact, when each of us is struggling, there are two selves in the body. Now, when facing the choice, we prefer to say that there is no right or wrong choice, but we will face two completely different destinies, with both advantages and disadvantages. It just depends on how we want to choose.Of course the most important thing is true in the face of their own heart, don’t try so hard, don’t let yourself as much as possible to suffer the harm of too much, life unpleasant things often eight or nine, learn to find happiness in adversity, life is very short, as far as possible let the person and you happy together, don’t always blindly to cater to others, perhaps others didn’t put you in the heart,You have to learn to find your own happiness and shine in the world you love.Although many people do not agree with it, there is no denying that people with self-discipline will become more and more outstanding, while those without self-discipline will only be kicked out of a depressed life.