Professional customized objective lens brand, Olympus

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Customized objective lens is used because the microscope has special requirements for lenses, so that it is impossible to find the most suitable type and model of objective lens.Because of the particularity of custom objective lens, so the production suppliers must not be general generation.For customized objective lens, the industry will generally choose Olympus brand.Olympus produces the best microscopes in the industry, with a wide range of microscope parts.With a history of 100 years, Olympus has always been committed to developing high-quality objectives for advanced industrial applications, and has a strict control over product quality, so Olympus can help users customize high standards and high performance objectives.Olympus innovative optical devices enable users to achieve a wide range of high-quality imaging and measurement applications including visible and near-infrared wavelengths, long operating distances, immersion, cover glass correction and white light interferometers.Therefore, Olympus can have excellent custom objective lens, and its rich variety is inseparable.Olympus water and oil immersion objectives for cover glass and non-cover glass achieve the highest quality of color correction and resolution;Objective lens with long working distance is suitable for testing samples with irregular morphology and fragile structure, among which LMPLFLN series and SLMPLN series have longer working distance than standard objective lens.Olympus infrared objective is designed for imaging features and defects beneath silicon and glass surfaces with maximum transmittance in the near infrared range. The high numerical aperture (NA) of the infrared objective improves the resolution and brightness of infrared images, making it ideal for detecting semiconductors, chips, and more.Olympus MPLAPON flat field achromatic objectives feature a high level of chromatic aberration correction and high resolution, ensuring a high level of wave phase correction function that can correspond to differential dry involving easy polarizing observations.Objective lens is composed of a group of very complex lenses, and is the optical device closest to the sample, so the objective lens is one of the most important parts of the microscope, the importance of microscope detection is self-evident.Olympus is a trusted supplier of customized objective lenses with a wide variety of products, high level and high standard of product quality. It will also provide comprehensive support from product design to commercial production for customized objective lens enterprises, as well as provide customers with detailed technical information to help enterprises harvest good development.So Olympus is a great brand to choose from, whether it’s custom objectives or other microscope parts.