China Unicom successfully provided communication support for the opening ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games

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The Spring Festival is the most lively and grand festival in Chinese traditional festivals.Winter Olympic Games, is the world’s largest comprehensive winter games.5G is one of the key projects that countries around the world are actively building.China already leads the world in 5G technology.When the Winter Olympics meets the Chinese New Year, when 5G meets ice and snow sports, this is bound to be a spark full, colorful “encounter”.”Wind and rain send spring back, snow to spring.”On February 4, the start of spring, the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games solemnly opened at the Bird’s Nest.From the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games to the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, China Unicom has been constantly writing the love affair with the Olympic Games.As the only official communication service partner of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, China Unicom has achieved FULL 5G network coverage in 87 venues and roads connecting venues in Beijing and Zhangjiakou city, Hebei Province, creating three scenes and ten applications of “smart watching, smart organizing and smart participating”.It provides powerful and highly reliable communication network services for organizers, athletes, media, TV broadcasters and audiences, allowing on-site users to experience the ultimate network speed, allowing the global audience to enjoy a wonderful audio-visual feast, and allowing the world to see the core strength of Chinese science and technology.Raise the station, the preparation of the Winter Olympics as a top priority to treat the Winter Olympics dream intersection of the Chinese dream.Preparing for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games is a major event for the country.For Olympic preparations, xi jinping, made a series of important directives and instructions, general secretary of China unicom seriously implement the xi jinping, general secretary of the Beijing Olympic organising the important instructions of instruction spirit, always will be the games organising a priority, woven tightly the winter Olympics in three division “a net”, will be 5 g technology deeper into the games.The Party leadership group of China Unicom Group has held meetings for many times and provided in-depth guidance on the reconstruction work of the Beijing Winter Olympics, explicitly requiring to shoulder the major political responsibility of “two maintenance” and to stand and protect the motherland in the reconstruction work of the Winter Olympics with a “strict and solid” work style.The communication guarantee task of the opening ceremony involved 8 special tasks, including fixed communication, mobile communication, fireworks, emergency communication, public intercom, security inspection greenhouse, video retransmission (OBS), 5G innovation, as well as daily office communication service guarantee of the headquarters.China Unicom, with the whole group’s efforts, ensures that all nodes’ optical cables adopt double routing and double uplink.Guarantee 471 special lines of various types, 115 fixed and wireless fixed lines, 241 POC terminals, 495 WiFi points, 85 base stations, 895 sub-office points, 1692 OTN network points, 301 OIN network points, 3032 comprehensive cabling lines, and 2 emergency communication vehicles.Laying more than 45 kilometers of temporary optical cables of various types and more than 1,800 pieces of horse roads, and providing key support for pipeline equipment such as long-distance backbone network optical cables, CCTV image and video transmission optical cables, and optical cables carrying the business of major customers of the Winter Olympics reprotection. A total of 900 optical cables have been inspected, totaling more than 6,000 kilometers.In addition, units at all levels of China Unicom have implemented the leadership shift duty system before the Spring Festival. During the opening ceremony, the main leaders of provincial branches arrived on duty in advance to ensure timely and efficient command and dispatch.At the same time, to strengthen the network guard, China Unicom sent a total of 31,200 security personnel and 8,883 vehicles to ensure smooth communication during the event.The Bird’s Nest, which will host the opening ceremony of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, has achieved full 5G coverage after careful planning and deployment by China Unicom.At the opening ceremony, China Unicom’s 5G network met the needs of the audience and cast and crew of nearly 40,000 people to send and receive short videos, make video calls and live broadcast online, as well as the audience’s immersive live experience.In addition, China Unicom fireworks support team after 6 months of preparation, hundreds of hours of testing, in the 4 times of total element drill and the opening ceremony of the official security, security personnel in the low-temperature environment on duty for a total of 64 hours;Move web team innovation adopted “distributed large-scale antenna technology”, “empty frequency multi-dimensional fusion 5 g ability”, “carrier aggregation”, “comprehensive network of SA”, “5 g slice”, “village merger”, “intelligent dynamic beam”, “big upside” eight “black” of science and technology, as the bird’s nest built advanced universal coverage limit capacity of 5 g,Compared with 4G, its 5G capacity has been improved by more than 20 times, fully meeting the 5G network experience of field core athletes and the requirements of tens of thousands of spectators.As we all know, modern sports are incorporating more and more technological elements.The Winter Olympics, one of the most prestigious sports events in the world, is not only an arena for athletes but also a showcase for cool technology.With the rapid development of information and communication technology, especially 5G, IPv6+ and other technologies deeply integrated with the Winter Olympic Games, the element of wisdom can be seen everywhere in the Olympics-related areas.For example, China Unicom 5G+4K/8K ULTRA HD live broadcast brought audiences a magnificent visual feast of the opening ceremony;The application of IPv6+ technology to the Winter Olympic Games for the first time realized the one-click open, plug and play of media services, and provided a good access environment for media.It is worth noting that the Olympics opening ceremony is also fully integrated into the “intelligence games, the games are science and technology” concept, in addition to the whole scene mobile video broadcast, Xinhua News Agency and other media by China unicom 5 g network section, can do communication signal access anytime and anywhere, the scene of the opening ceremony of the photo and video real-time back, make the bird’s nest 5 g gigabit venues.With the goal of “preventing risks, preventing accidents, ensuring security and promoting development”, China Unicom has taken early deployment and targeted measures to comprehensively improve its network security and communication service capabilities.China Unicom Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Communications Security Work Plan, which covers 27 categories of 61 specific work, in accordance with the closed-loop management requirements of “plan, deployment, implementation, inspection” to ensure the implementation of all work in place;Organized and formulated 87 special plans, covering the core areas of the event, the venue of the event, the backbone network and the international network, and carried out 49 large-scale exercises in total.Strengthen the command system, set up China Unicom Winter Olympics general headquarters, establish “1+5+N” command system, to ensure efficient scheduling;To carry out comprehensive investigation and rectification of hidden dangers, with a “zero tolerance” attitude, repeatedly and thoroughly check all kinds of hidden dangers, to ensure that there is no hidden danger left, do not lose a blind spot, do not let go of a loophole, comprehensive consolidation of security work responsibility, the whole network rectification of 103,000 hidden risks;To ensure the security of the core area, and provide a package of communication services for the Winter Olympic Games with the concept of “one network” between the two areas and three competition areas.In accordance with the principle of “one museum, one policy”, special plans and plans are formulated, and important communication facilities are protected by “double routing, double nodes and double power sources”.We will do our best to ensure the network security of key objects, establish a contact mechanism with 77 important objects and complete one-to-one network security policy docking, provide all-weather network security protection support for reinsured objects, and take multiple measures to ensure the smooth operation of the communication network for the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics.China Unicom is the key to national affairs.The Beijing 2022 Olympics communications security work glorious and great, China unicom will take 5 g technology as the lead, and develop good “digital information infrastructure operating service, network power digital China wisdom society construction main force vanguard, digital technology integration innovation”, further polished “national choice, the government’s chief, people’s capital” brand of heavy cover.The Dream of the Winter Olympics combines the soaring dream of the rapid rise of China’s information and communication industry and weaves the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.Behind the feast of the winter Olympics of science and technology, there are countless Unicom people’s hard work and wisdom crystallization, highlighting the corporate image of “China Unicom 5G power”, concentrating on the superior scientific and technological innovation ability of China’s communications industry, for the realization of the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation to provide a strong force of coagulation.On August 8, 2008, “big feet” fireworks lit up the sky above the bird’s Nest, China Unicom presented to the world the first “broadband Olympics”.Fireworks light up the night sky at the Bird’s Nest after a long time.With the support of 5G technology, China Unicom, as an “Olympic and Paralympic enterprise”, will present the first “Smart Winter Olympics” to the world.To meet the requirements of “simplicity, safety and splendor”, China will surely present an unprecedented sports event with Chinese characteristics to the world.The opening is the decisive battle, win the war off to a good start!Next, China unicom will conscientiously sum up the experiences of the Beijing 2022 Olympics opening ceremony communication security and continuous innovation, constantly beyond, with strict standard for the Beijing 2022 Olympics subsequent various communication security work, make the games are the communication “classic”, “games” wisdom and successful experience of “science and technology the games”.Text: Cao Mingming editor: Wang Zhuo