Anhui starts wet and cold mode: rain and snow will continue

2022-05-09 0 By

Heavy snow on the first working day of the Year of the Tiger gives a sense of the power of the process.In the coming days, although the intensity of snowfall will weaken, it will continue to be rainy in most parts of southern Anhui province as the warm and wet air from the southwest continues to transport.The weather forecast released by the provincial meteorological Station on February 8 shows that it is expected that on February 9, the huaibei area will be cloudy to cloudy, and the south of the Huaihe River will be cloudy.Most areas between jianghuai and Jiangnan will have light rain, including dabie mountain area and southern Anhui mountain area with sleet or light snow.Weather experts said that the cold air will end from Saturday, and rain and snow will weaken significantly in the south. The precipitation will turn to rain, but it will still affect a wide area.In the south, warm and wet air flow meets with cold air moving southward, forming precipitation.It is expected that the sun will be hard to find in many parts of the province until November 11, and rain and snow will linger in the Jianghuai Region.The rain and snow in the south will increase again from The 11th to the 14th.The specific forecast is as follows: 9th (Wednesday) : cloudy to cloudy in huaibei area, cloudy in the south of huaihe River.There is light rain between the central and southern parts of the Jianghuai River and the southern part of the Yangtze River, among which there is sleet or light snow in dabie mountain area and southern Anhui mountain area.10th (Thursday) : Sunny to cloudy in Huaibei area;South of huaihe river cloudy to overcast day, most areas have light rain.11-12 (Friday to Saturday) : It will be overcast in the whole province, with light rain or sleet in some areas of Huaibei and Dabie Mountains;Other areas have light rain.13th (Sunday) : It will be cloudy in the whole province, with light rain in Dabie Mountain area and jiangnan area along the Yangtze River.14th (Monday) : Jiangbei cloudy;It will be cloudy in Jiangnan with light rain in some areas.Source/Anhui Daily, Anhui Meteorology