Wuhan South Lake Peugeot shop Peugeot 4008 limited time to promote 20,000

2022-05-07 0 By

Peugeot 4008 has been waiting for a long time to finally reduce the price, Dongfeng Zhulian South Lake Peugeot shop 03.14-03.20, shop activity car purchase car discount 11.79%, really can’t wait to go to the shop to see the style of Peugeot 4008 ah network customer exclusive gift 】 network reservation information, network call, booking to the shop enjoy 200 yuan value gift package!Network about car, buy the same car, spend less money, enjoy better service!Quietly tell you all call, all looking for our network sales consultants to buy cars, can enjoy the city VIP price, waiting for your good news!Beautiful Spring Gift Season (Activity Time:March 9 — March 19) you can get a custom essential oil rose to the store, romantic French incense candle 1 to the store forward jiugong to the circle of friends accumulated 38 praise, send a movie ticket to the store test drive, and forward the circle of friends, that is, send 15.10 yuan to the store to register to participate in the “challenge fuel-saving king to share a ton of oil” activity,Can win to high 1510 yuan refueling gold who pay more than 1510 yuan deposit, can extract “1510” grand prize rights and interests (a direct drop of 50,000 quota, ten ten free maintenance) at the end of the month before the car, surprise and then add code, enjoy to high 999 yuan gold car to send lion powder shu enjoy gold, enjoy boutique car ornaments gift package first enjoy 3 0 months for,0 down payment or to high 36 0 interest and other options for replacement of old cars to high value added 7000 yuan Dongfeng Peugeot old owners to buy to enjoy high 5000 yuan subsidies to buy a car enjoy 5 years / 150,000 kilometers of vehicle quality assurance 1 year 85% off, 2 years 75% off, 3 years 65% discount buyback Dongfeng Peugeot owners introduce friends and family to buy a car to send a gift value of 500 yuan 1 address:No.66 Nanhu Avenue, Hongshan District, Wuhan city (next to the North Gate of Huazhong Agricultural University) Promotion time: March 14, 2022 to March 20, 2022 Peugeot 4008 latest quotation model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price preferential range Wuhan quotation 360THPFeng Rui edition 169,700 yuan 2.00 yuan 149,700 yuan 360THP strength edition 183,700 yuan 2.00 yuan 163,700 yuan 400THP science and technology edition 21,700 yuan 2.00 yuan 191,700 yuan 400THPTo zhen GT edition 233,700 yuan 213,700 yuan 213,700 yuan 360THP science and technology edition 201,700 yuan 22,700 yuan 181,700 yuan