Carry forward the Olympic spirit to the future

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The opening ceremony of the 24th Winter Olympic Games was held at the National Stadium in Beijing on The evening of February 4.The picture comes from the network shaoshan network news (reporter Luo Hua) Tiger jump spring to welcome the Winter Olympics.The Opening ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics coincides with the start of Spring, a traditional Chinese solar term. Whether people go outside to do snow sports or stay at home to watch the Winter Olympics, people will experience a different flavor of the New Year.China has presented a romantic, beautiful and warm opening ceremony to the world.It is of great significance to ensure that the Winter Olympics can be held as scheduled despite the severe situation of COVID-19.At the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, the Chinese delegation competed in all 15 sports for the first time.China broke new ground in short track speed skating by winning the country’s first winter Olympics gold medal in the sport, traditionally a strength in ice and snow.The Winter Olympic Games is the world’s largest comprehensive winter games, held every four years, since 1994 and the Summer Olympic Games alternate.The 1992 Winter Games were the last winter Games to be held in the same year as the Summer Games.The first edition was held in 1924, and 23 editions have been held every four years until 2018.The 24th Winter Olympics will be held in China from February 4 to February 20, 2022.Back in 1908, an article in Tianjin Youth magazine asked Chinese people the famous “three Questions of the Olympics” : When will China send an athlete to the Olympics?When can China send a team to the Olympics?When will China host an Olympic Games?Sound cross-questioning, full of people look forward to.Sports are an important symbol of social development and human progress, and an important reflection of a country’s comprehensive national strength, cultural soft power and social civilization.In 1917, Comrade MAO Zedong proposed that “if we want to civilize our spirit, we should first barbarize our body”, thus heralding a powerful country in sports.In 1941, MAO Zedong wrote an inscription for the sports special issue of Liberation Daily: Develop sports and improve people’s physique.Over the past 70 years, the connotation and extension of sports have been constantly expanding, carrying the dream of national prosperity and rejuvenation.China has taken an active part in the Olympic Movement and carried forward the Olympic spirit.The curtain opens and everyone watches.Politicians from many countries praised the opening ceremony for displaying the Olympic spirit, scientific and technological innovation and Chinese cultural elements, and for conveying to the world the vision of a green, shared, open and clean Olympic Games. It will inspire the world to join hands, overcome challenges and move forward together into the future.Many foreign media said that as a sports event held in the face of COVID-19 and international political challenges, the Beijing Winter Olympics have high expectations.Perhaps one day, when the epidemic is over and the world returns to normal, we will look back on the Beijing Olympics as a starting point.We hope that the international community will take the Beijing Winter Olympics as an opportunity to transcend differences, move forward together and build a better tomorrow.