Teachers’ salaries will be reformed, and teachers with three types of “special status” are expected to receive a retirement salary of 8,000 yuan

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Teachers’ salary problem has always been the focus of the discussion, often become teachers’ work, everybody in dinner to talk about the problem, improve teachers’ treatment, the attention, some people think that teachers’ salaries, really should be improved, teaching itself is hard, only teachers in terms of income, with the protection can better into teaching.Not only have a stable income, but also, relatively complete welfare treatment, others think it is not necessary to give the teacher to raise wages, especially teachers have years vacation, from a certain level, the teacher is better than other jobs, wages is the trend of The Times, however, because of the education industry itself is a very important thing in the society.The reason why teachers are willing to pay on the job is that teachers have a good job stability and a stable income after retirement. Generally, teachers with these three kinds of special status are expected to get a pension of 8000 yuan after retirement.Teachers with senior professional titles: teachers’ salaries are composed of many aspects, such as basic salary, allowances, subsidies, etc., and teachers’ seniority wages, each of which is related to teachers’ professional titles. The higher the professional title, the higher the salary.This is why many people, even if they have been 40 or 50 years old, are still on the road to take an examination of professional titles.Teachers from primary to intermediate and then to senior, every step up to pay a lot, not only have a very high degree, but also outstanding achievements, teaching strength can explain the problem, senior title teachers after retirement, a monthly salary of more than 8000, relatively easy to achieve.Teachers with more than 30 years of teaching experience: teacher retirement salary and teaching experience, and the number of years of social pay insurance, teaching experience can reach more than 30 years of teachers, insurance must pay more, after retirement to get the pension is relatively high.Every business is the same, the more you pay, the more you get.This has little to do with whether a teacher is good or not, but a teacher who can stay in the teaching post for more than 30 years should receive a pension of more than 8,000 yuan, because he or she has devoted his or her life to education.Teachers in economically developed areas: the pension of teachers in each region is related to the economic development level of the region where the teachers are located. Teachers in western regions generally have low salaries, low pensions and low annual social security payments. In developed areas, the social security payment base is relatively high, and they naturally get high salaries after retirement.Teachers want to get a high salary, it is better to start from these aspects of professional title evaluation: the teacher industry belongs to the status of enterprise establishment, salary increase and civil servants pay is not the same, civil servants through promotion to raise salary, teachers are through the evaluation of professional title to raise salary.If a teacher can be rated as a senior professional title, the salary is absolutely high. Teachers who want to obtain a high income should strive to be rated as a senior title, otherwise there is no hope for salary increase.Participate in competitions: When teachers want a raise, competitions and competitions can be considered.In addition to doing well in the classroom, a teacher can take part in various competitions.Some teachers feel that they are too busy with their work every day, and participating in competitions and competitions will be counterproductive to their original purpose as teachers.In fact, teachers’ own duty is to teach and educate people. Participating in evaluation and competition is also a proof of education level. Accumulating more awards can show their ability and strength.Director on duty: to primary and secondary school teachers, want to increase their income, can choose director on duty, the head teacher has a certain allowance or subsidy.A lot of places have corresponding regulation, the head teacher can get the head teacher allowance, the head teacher in primary and secondary schools is probably between 300~500, many hundreds of dollars every month, a year can much better thousands of pieces.Professional knowledge is very important for every teacher. Only teachers with solid knowledge can better tell the knowledge to students.Only by mastering the professional knowledge of the subject and being familiar with the education of the subject can we serve students better, and the basic knowledge of the subject should be improved.Teachers are not only required to be articulate, but also to deal with interpersonal relationships: between teachers and students, between teachers and teachers, between teachers and parents, and especially between students.Being a teacher should not only deal with the problems with students’ study, but also care about students’ life.A qualified teacher should be able to have good communication skills, be patient, be able to think, and be able to adjust his or her education philosophy in the face of students with different personalities.It is not easy for students to improve their scores. When teachers, they must be patient, keep a normal mind, encourage students, care about the growth of students, and do not panic. This is the psychological quality that qualified teachers should have.The increase of teachers’ salary is related to many factors. With the continuous improvement of the education system, teachers’ salary will also be improved to a certain extent. As teachers, they should improve their teaching ability, stick to the teaching post and strive to do a good job.Topic of the day: What do you think is the appropriate salary for teachers?