The 6 billion yuan Chinese New Year box office was the second most ever, but the number of moviegoers dropped

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The 2022 Spring Festival season has officially come to an end.As of midnight On Feb 7, the box office for the 2022 Spring Festival season (1.31-2.26) has raked in 6.25 billion yuan, according to Beacon Professional.The top three films were “Watergate Bridge” (2.527 billion yuan), “The Man” (1.379 billion yuan) and “Miracle and Stupid Kids” (663 million yuan).According to Lighthouse, the total box office of the 2022 Spring Festival season (131-2.6) reached 6.25 billion yuan as of midnight on Feb 7, ranking the second highest in history, slightly surpassing 2019 before the epidemic, though a big gap from last year’s insane 7.8 billion yuan.In addition, the overall quality of this year’s Spring Festival season is very good, from theme blockbusters to realistic masterpieces, from comedies to family cartoons, almost all of this year’s films have gained quite good reputation.But this year’s Lunar New Year was also a year of worry, with ticket prices up 18 percent and nearly 20 million fewer moviegoers than in 2019, when the overall figure was almost the same.As the most expensive Spring Festival in history, with average ticket prices exceeding 50 yuan for the first time, audiences are less willing to go to the cinema this year.Before “Operation Red Sea”, who would have thought that war films could enter the Chinese New Year season?This year, two war films, “Watergate Bridge” and “Sniper”, were released together during the Spring Festival.One was a perennial favorite, while the other was a dark horse upstart who garnered more and more attention through word of mouth.According to analysis, the themes and types of the two films are similar, but they show different characteristics and naturally differentiate into different audience groups: The user composition of Sniper is more inclined to first-tier city users;However, the watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake has a wide audience because of its size and influence of its previous works.”Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake” continues the momentum of the previous work magnificent and moving, in the previous work on a strong solid audience base, all aspects of the data from the beginning is no doubt a leader.On its first day of release, watergate Bridge broke the opening day box office record of Changjin Lake with 514 million yuan, becoming the highest single-day box office record for a feature film in China. It only took two days for Watergate Bridge to break the record of 1.06 billion yuan held by Operation Red Sea, a war film during the Spring Festival.The picture on the left shows the six day box office poster of Changjin Lake, and the picture on the right shows the six day box office poster of Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake, which is released in this Spring Festival. Sniper has found a new way in the category of war film, with the background of “cold shots and cold artillery” movement.It depicts the soldiers of the volunteer army using flexible fighting wisdom and tenacious fighting spirit “to win the battle force by tactics”, and equipped with powerful enemy forces to launch a life-and-death duel.Since its release, sniper has been ranked at the bottom of the five feature films, but with the gradual accumulation of word-of-mouth in the later stage and the audience’s high recognition of director Zhang Yimou’s aesthetic appreciation after the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games, the attention of Sniper has gradually increased.”Sniper” box office poster files on the last day of the Spring Festival, “sniper” box office formally break through 200 million, and implement the box office for three consecutive days inverse fell, watercress grade 7.7 ranked with the schedule first, cat’s eye, tao polarizer open points and 9.5 for the audience to support, “real and shock, great and tragic”, “blunt” like a bullet, “take paper towel, worth the price of a ticket,””Underrated good movie” and other “tap water” voice, for the film’s later power to lay the foundation.However, the reverse is not the same as a reverse, the film’s current cat’s eye forecast of $530 million.”Sniper” in the later period of the rise of space, mostly benefited from Han Han’s “universal” public praise of the decline.Under the premise that the quality and reputation of “Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake” remain at the level of stable play, and the attendance rate and the average number of people are also in the forefront of the Spring Festival films, there will not be much room for another war film of the same type.And statistical analysis of the data from the box office, in addition to the gate bridge type for war, the other the attendance of the film and averaging m ahead of the “sniper”, as a result, the film if you want to achieve as in previous years wandering the earth “action” for the red sea so sharply counter attack surpassed the possibility is not big, need to rely on more long-term project to attract the audience into the cinema.The genre composition of this year’s Lunar New Year season is significantly different from that of previous years.In addition to the unprecedented arrival of two war films, As a realistic theme, Wonder · Stupid Child is also a rare type in the Spring Festival, and The Killer is the only comedy, which is also a bit lonely.The Killer was adapted from The high-scoring “Magic Hour” by Japanese comic master Toshimi Mitani, but the film was initially a disappointment.It has to be admitted that mahua Funage’s comedy films in recent years are not as stable as in their early years, and in the early years, more publicity was invested in another film, The Incredible Family, which was later withdrawn.This killer is not too cool box office broken 1.4 billion beacon institute analyst Zhang Rongdi when it comes to the performance of the lunar New Year file today, said this year’s comedy, fewer in number than usual in the this killer is not too cool in front of the mirror heat center, relying on the stability of the word of mouth after release, the punchline, just need to borrow a comedy dongfeng inverse fell slightly, which can be found,Comedy is a must-have genre during the Spring Festival, when families are having fun.As director Wen Muye’s second feature film, “Miracle · Stupid Child” continues the style of realism, and tells the realistic story in a very solid and penetrating way.The film also reversed its single-day box office growth from the third day of the New Year, with attendance up 18.6%, box-office share up 2.1% and average attendance up 4.3%.Leading actor Jackson Yi is also among the 10 billion yuan earners this Spring Festival with two films, Watergate Bridge and Miracle & Stupid Kids.”Four Seas” is this year’s Spring Festival in the new film douban score the lowest one and in the Spring Festival has accumulated a certain audience margin of “Korean comedy”, this year unexpectedly came a big “crash”.”Four seas” in the booking and on the first day at second place, but the film is not as viewers expect that tells about a young locomotive version of the “fast life”, the director constantly disassembly type elements in the film, a loose narrative and the end of the tragedy, are serious result from the movie look forward to the film, did not even decree Shen Teng funny movie.Although many audiences expressed their support and love for the film itself, it is clear that the film is an “offence” to the mood of most audiences in the context of the whole Spring Festival. Therefore, the box office of the film took a sudden turn for the worse on the third day of its release.The boonie bears series has made its eighth run in the Chinese New Year season, creating the best performance in the IP’s history.So far, the series has grossed more than 3 billion yuan.Zhang Rongdi analyzed that among the animated films of this Year’s Spring Festival, “Boonie Bears after Earth” set a new high in the growth rate of the series box office during the Spring Festival, breaking 100 million for the first time in three consecutive days, and also breaking a new high in parent-child children’s animation. The IP has cultivated good user habits through its release during the Spring Festival for many years, and continues to innovate.This year’s performance also confirms the team’s achievements in the field of Spring Festival for many years.Another animation, Pleasant Goat and the Basket of Big big Wolf, is a bit of a pity.In fact, the film has a good reputation since its release, but with “Sniper” facing a similar dilemma, there has been a very strong similar competitors, leaving a breakthrough space is really very limited.In addition, the other a box office only 17 million “cannon fodder” animation movie “tiger mound big hero” is “web celebrity”, from the short video platform Zhang Rongdi lighthouse analyst thinks, at present relatively few children the opportunity to contact short video platform, mainly through the TV and video platform to watch the movie, “tiger mound” also is a lack of cognition,Also makes this “net red” image in the big screen encountered acclimatisation.This Spring Festival, although the overall quality of films is very high, films such as Sniper and Pleasant Goat are not able to gain more room for box office growth even if their quality is very good, which is directly related to the overall cake of the Spring Festival is difficult to grow.A cautionary statistic is that the 2019 Spring Festival box office of 5.9 billion yuan, 132 million people, 2.925 million screenings, average ticket price of 44.7;In 2021, the box office of the Spring Festival is 7.8 billion yuan, with 160 million audiences and 2.8753 million screenings, with an average ticket price of 48.9 billion yuan.In 2022, the box office reached 6 billion yuan, with only 114 million viewers and 3.143 million screenings, with an average price of 52.8.More screenings and fewer moviegoers mean higher operating costs for theaters, and the willingness of moviegoers to enter theaters has dropped dramatically.In terms of city distribution, this year’s Spring Festival continues the trend of previous years, with first-tier cities seeing a slight decrease in box office sales and third-tier cities seeing an increase, but Beijing and Shanghai are still the biggest ticket stores for the holiday.Due to the epidemic, cinemas in many places have been affected, and the box office output of shenzhen, Hangzhou and Zhengzhou, which used to be the major box office cities in the past, has been greatly affected.This year, the average ticket price in Beijing reached 78 yuan, and in Shanghai it also exceeded 70 yuan.Compared to last year, the average ticket price in Beijing was 64 yuan, while in Shanghai it was 60 yuan.If you search for keywords such as “Spring Festival ticket prices” on Weibo, you will see a lot of voices saying, “I despise movies.”Going to the movies during the Spring Festival is often regarded as a family entertainment activity. As a family can spend two or three hundred yuan on a movie, going to the movies is somewhat of a “luxury” this year.In previous years, the ticket premium of 9.9 and 19.9 has been unimaginable, and the high ticket price has made many audiences choose not to go to the cinema repeatedly during the small holiday as in previous years, even if they heard that other films are also very good.But in cinemas, the “difficult years” since the outbreak have never passed.In theaters struggling to adhere to the vast majority of almost all want to depend on the Spring Festival this year only harvest season to smooth a year after last year’s losses or accumulation of “surplus grain”, together with the outbreak has affected the global movie content production supply, cinemas in this window will want to fight for more revenue as much as possible also really have a lot of helpless.But this approach, obviously the distance between the audience and the cinema further, some of the losses outweigh the gains.On Feb 6, the film Sniper announced that it would lower its minimum settlement price to 35 yuan for category A and 30 yuan for category B from Feb 7.It is the first of eight new Chinese New Year films to lower their price limit.According to pre-sale box office data on Feb 7, the average ticket price for movies after the holiday has fallen to 45.6 yuan.Source: