Nanjing female university student murder trial today, the suspect has pleaded not guilty

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Nanjing female university student murder trial today, the suspect has pleaded not guilty to the murder of a nanjing female student Li Mou and Hong mou accidentally met in a subway car.Then they added wechat to each other, chatting frequently on wechat one after another, and soon established a love relationship.At the beginning of the relationship, the two, like other lovers, were once glued to each other.Li mou also once took Hong mou back to his hometown, to see parents and friends.It can be seen that Lee was also very dependent on Hong and like.Lee, who is young and beautiful and has little social experience, might have dreamed of spending a lifetime with Hong.And tall and handsome mysterious Hong mou may also have begun to love Lin Mou’s beauty.As they spent more time together, the young couple quarreled more, and Hong’s bad temper came to the surface.Friends also advised Li Mou to leave Hong mou, but Li Mou in love cannot extricate themselves, its think boyfriend Hong mou loves her very much, until one day in July 2020, Lin Mou’s parents began to contact her, and then panic, premonition should have something.But after Li went missing, her parents did not suspect Hong at first and went to the police with Hong.Police in Xishuangbanna investigated and determined that Li, who had been missing for 25 days, was killed on July 9.Li Mou was actually by its boyfriend Hong mou together with Zhang Mou gong, Cao Mou qing lured menghai county suburban forest killed and buried bodies.After the incident, Li’s father contacted them by phone, saying hong’s father was an official of a judicial authority.In the phone call, he stressed that he would pay them compensation and hope that Hong could be treated more leniently.Li mou lost his daughter’s father Li mou and his mother will not agree, now this court session Li Mou only asked for compensation 10 million, and then hope the dream sentenced to death hong Mou.But in a pre-court meeting this morning, Hong denied the crime in a video.Kill for life since ancient times!The sweethearts of former days can disregard the affection of former days incredibly cent, cruel hurt his cummer, really do not have humanity!And do not admit the fact that the suspect completely did not repent confess, subjective malignant extremely strong, great harm to the society!But the suspect’s family has been trying to use money to solve the problem, as the country’s judicial officials flouted the law.This case shows that ordinary people, the road to protect their rights is difficult.We hope that the criminal suspect will be severely punished in this trial, and the gang will be sentenced to death and executed immediately.